To Minnie’s Readers:

Intense chapter...

I really love From Vain to Dandy. I mean it. If anyone wants to edit this story for me and make it all publishable, I’ll really appreciate it and aim high for this story. I’ll even send you multiple free copies of my books when I become famous XD With that said though, a reader asked me how I came up with my idea for this story. That’s an interesting question and I think I will take some time to write out the same answer I told that person. For those of you who don’t care (how can you not care?!), here is Chapter 13 😛

As many of you know, I am a feminist. I advocate equal rights between men and women. I’ve always had this thought that the world as a whole would have more equal rights for women and men… if men themselves took more classes on gender and learned about just how suppressed women are and started standing up for women. Yes, one of the major steps of bringing rights to women is for women to stand united together, but I also strongly believe that if at least half of the male population also stand united with the women, the impact would be so much greater. Imagine what the equal rights movement for women would have been like back then if men were also there?

Anyways, what does this have to do with From Vain to Dandy? After studying and witnessing how much pain and suffering women go through on a daily basis just by being women, I wanted to write a story about a place where women could seek help without being judged. It’s a fact that women feel better about themselves and have higher self-esteem when they have a female figure who is strong and powerful; someone who they can look up to. This is when the idea of Mandy Monroe surfaced. I want her to be that woman for both my readers and the female characters within the story itself.

How did Blaine West come into play then? The idea is actually pretty simple. Most of you (more innocent) girls probably don’t know this, but playboys or womanizers are actually excellent at reading girls. They know exactly what women want in order to get into their pants XD;; I thought those type of men could potentially solve a lot of women’s problems if they would just stop being such playboys. That’s when the idea of an ex-playboy using his skills/knowledge for the better good came about. Moreover, it wouldn’t be that fun if it were any other playboy in a similar sense in that it wouldn’t be that exciting if it were any ordinary detective in a mystery story.

Therefore… I wanted to create the best ex-playboy the fictional world has ever seen. This is harder than it sounds though. I don’t want another typical jerk of gold because there are already too many of those and they really don’t help in the cause for equal gender rights. I want an ex-playboy who is not only intelligent and sociable, but also respects women and has a strong, moral heart without being a jerk. Furthermore, it is IMPOSSIBLE for the perfect ex-playboy+supporter of women to be created without incorporating the important female traits into his values. They can only do this by being told specifically by a woman. This is why I need Mandy Monroe  for the creation of Blaine West to be completed. Now, you guys know why Blaine West is sooo difficult and complicated for a male protagonist in my stories XDDDDDDD

Yes, I put a lot of thought into this story. I’m done now.