To Minnie’s Readers,

Cherry and Simone~

You guys will kill me for this, but I think I completely lost my inspiration to finish Eulalia again XD My goal is to finish Eulalia before 2011 ends and already, I’m not so hopeful about this. However, whenever I type this, something pops up and helps my inspiration come back so… let’s see. After this chapter, I’m planning to release Fool’s Paradise Episode 5 next. Check that story out if you haven’t already. It’s so different than what I usually write that it will boggle your mind XD

Chapter 14! I want to get through these build up chapters to the more exciting chapters already! But I will patient and keep my pace like I’m supposed to. Sorry for such a boring chapter XP I’ll try to make it up in the next couple of From Vain to Dandy chapters.