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To Minnie’s Readers,

First FVTD One-Shot Concentrating on Other Characters!

For those of you who talk to me often, you know I’ve been working on this one-shot for a really long time. I finally decided to finish it today. I feel so productive, releasing two one-shots so soon after one another~ But anyways, I haven’t really decided if any of these FVTD one-shots are canon or not so don’t go around using that word XD It’s a touchy word to use you know?~ Anyways, please enjoy my Magnet One-Shot!

Eulalia will be ending soon! Once that story is done, I will be able to concentrate on the two F-stories- From Vain to Dandy and Fool’s Paradise. Please read those if you haven’t already >///< And lastly, thank you to all the Christmas greetings from all my readers/fans!