To Minnie’s Supporters,

Happy New Years Everyone!

As many of my close friends may know, my New Years Resolution is to be an even better writer than last year. I believe I can do this if it has to do with number of releases per year. Due to personal reasons, 2011 was a tough year for me. It was probably the most painful year of my life so far. Because of this, I have tallied and found out that in 2011, I only wrote 34 chapters, 6 one-shots, and 1 medley of one-shots, and I am almost certain I can beat that amount if 2012 proves to be an easier year.

My other goals for the upcoming year:
1) Release at least four chapters per month
2) Finish Eulalia before February 18th
3) Work with an artist on Fool’s Paradise
4) Improve my grammar and syntax
5) Find a new, reliable editor X___X
6) Continue to work on Fool’s Paradise, Femme Fury, and From Vain to Dandy. I love how it’s all the books starting with F XD

For those who read my one-shot Magnet, you can pretend this is Jake Parke and Joel Eduardo since I’m not an artist to draw it for you guys 😛 And as an extra note for that one curious reader, if I were to pick, I would say… Joel sort of takes the cake for being seme. I don’t know why you would ask me that though since they’re not in a relationship XDDD

And this is for the off-chance that Mandy and Simone ditched Blaine for each other (they sound like my characters too!):