To Minnie’s Readers

Please watch Zessei Bijin’s Vocafusion Round 2 Entry above! I did not sing in this but these girls who are singing in this are my close team members~ If you guys like what you hear in that video, please vote for Zessei Bijin! (with a !) here!

In other news, I am doing pretty well in terms of writing. I’ve been pushing myself to type at least one page a day. I haven’t been releasing that much because I jump back and forth between stories very often. So they’re all getting there and it’s up to chance which one I’ll finish first XD Chances are it will be Fool’s Paradise again, From Vain to Dandy, and Eulalia in that order. We’ll see.

The other news about me is that after Eulalia is done, I will be focusing mainly on From Vain to Dandy. With that being said, my next story in the works revolves around sports and a society that functions using that sport. It is not a sure thing yet, but if it actually works out, please support that story. I know it’s out of usual genre but I can assure you that it will be similar to everything I’ve been writing so far.

Last but not least, I am happy to announce that I will indeed be rewriting Spirits over the summer. Yes, the first book with Lucas and his gang of crew members. This time, I will aim to write it well enough for publication (though that is what I always say each time XD). Like always, if you guys can edit my grammar and syntax, that will be most helpful. Thank you sooo much ❤ Please continue following my works!