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To Minnie’s Readers:

Bogancio x Dani

I am really on a Fool’s Paradise update roll lately. I have actually gotten farther in the story than I thought I would. I assumed I would stop after I’m done with Episode 5 and return to this story a year later. But look at where I am now! There’s no reassurance that the next episode will be updated anytime soon since it’s my least popular (in terms of the amount of readers) story, buuuut I will try not to go on a year-long hiatus since this story is finally picking up a bit of steam! Enjoy Episode 7!!! ❤

There won’t be a character cast this time but next time, man, a bunch of additions <3333333333


^ Please vote for Zessei Bijin! for our third round entry in Vocafusion! The voting link is in the description of that video! If you have any questions on how to vote, please ask me! <333 I love you all! Please help my group pass this tough round!