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To Minnie’s Readers,

The adventure and love story between Princess Ada and Pirate Captain Lucas is back!

A lot of you have probably heard this news already, but I am done with Chapter I of Spirits (Remake)! Do not worry! As a remake, it means that whether you read the previous versions of Spirits or not, it doesn’t matter! Why? Because although this remake might retain a couple of materials from the original, for the most part, it will be brand new. Please read the link up there! The page for Spirits is up now!


In the continent of Mizunam, the Queen is believed to be the voice of Goddess Alika and her citizens blessed by the Spirits. Obsessed with imitating the beautiful Spirits of Legend, Mizunam is a society that favors¬† the beautiful over the ugly and the women over the men, a world where the Queen’s word is absolute truth and men are kept as slaves called “Mules”. Months before the crowning of the 100th Queen of Mizunam, the country is shaken by the disappearance of one of the prospective candidates, Princess Adabella Shizuria, and rumors have it that the person responsible for her disappearance is none other than the notorious Pirate Captain of the En Sea, Lucas Yeung!


Lucas Yeung
Age: 18
Bio: The educated and handsome Pirate Captain, who is the object of affection and lust by noble women across the land of Mizunam. He is known for tricking and stealing both their money and virginity. His head is worth around 15 million gold petals. He is formerly a Branded Mule, but has long since broken away from his former master. His dream is to change the Mizunamian government through brute force.

Adabella “Ada” Shizuria
Age: 17
Bio: The down-to-earth and beautiful middle Princess, who is in the running to become the 100th Queen of Mizunam. Ada is known for ditching her private lessons and escaping to the streets of the capital. At a young age, Ada is heavily scolded and criticized for being ‘manly’ and having ‘manly’ interests, such as swordplay. Her dream is to travel the world and experience new things.

Sofia “Sophie” O’Haggins
Age: 20
Bio: The humorless and loyal Officer, who is in charge of watching over and taking care of Ada. Despite of being Limeon descent, Sophie is a high-ranked officer in the Mizunamian government. She is in love with the study of law and obeys them without question. Early in her career, Sophie is often looked down for being unattractive and Limeon-born, but has now gained the respect of higher ranked officers through hard work.

Meralda “Meryl” Shizuria
Age: 17
Bio: The humble and beautiful youngest Princess, who is in the running to become the 100th Queen of Mizunam. Meryl is respectful toward her parents, her sisters, and most of all, the Holy Writings of Goddess Alika. According to the Queen, Meryl is by far the most in-tune with her role as the Voice of Goddess Alika. She looks up to her two older triplet sisters, Guri and Ada, and loves them very much.

Gwendolyn “Guri” Shizuria
Age: 17
Bio: The ambitious and oldest Princess, who is in the running to become the 100th Queen of Mizunam. Guri is so well-versed in all topics from politics to history that she often feels bored and ditches her studies. While Ada and Meryl are close to one another, Guri distances herself from them because she believes she’s intelligent enough to work independently. She is currently researching about the Spirits.

Knight Lancaster
Age: 19
Bio: Ada’s best friend and trusted knight. At a young age, Lancaster is assigned as Ada’s manservant, but she decides he is better off as her friend and knight instead. With the Queen and Ada’s approval, Lancaster works hard and graduates as a knight of Mizunam a few years ago. He is the one who helps Ada escapes the walls of the Mizunamian Palace.

Manservant Cameron
Age: 19
Bio: Guri’s best friend and manservant. Whether Guri is sleeping, eating, or taking a bath, Cameron is by her side. At a young age, Cameron is assigned as Meryl’s manservant, but Guri negotiates with her parents to assign him to her instead because of his unlimited potential. Later on, as Guri gains more manservants, Cameron is respected as her first one.

Clergyman Theodore
Age: 19
Bio: Meryl’s best friend and trusted correspondent. At a young age, Theodore is assigned as Guri’s manservant, but is traded off as Meryl’s. Theodore shares Meryl’s love for the Holy Writings of Goddess Alika and soon, follows the road to being a clergyman with Meryl’s help. With his assistance, Meryl is able to travel freely throughout Mizunam.