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To Minnie’s Readers and Others,

Drowning in work currently...

I am fully aware that I have not been an active writer these past couple of months. I apologize. I should have known having this many ongoing stories will take a toll on my brain. My mind is too scrambled with so many ideas from too many stories at once. I really should stop that from happening by focusing on one story at a time. Too late for that. Since I am completely at fault here, I will push through on my own. No use for throwing more excuses in your faces. Here are the current status on all my ongoing stories:

Eulalia Chapter 30: 20% completed. Goal? Finish by June 1st.
Classy and Cool Chapter 3: 40% completed. Indefinite hiatus.
Fool’s Paradise Chapter 8: 20% completed.
Femme Fury Chapter 3: Outlined. Indefinite hiatus.
From Vain to Dandy Chapter 18: 70% completed.
Spirits Remake Chapter 2: Outlined.
One-shots: Getting them done slowly…

All story updates will be on hiatus until I am done with this spring semester. I won’t go into details, but I have to finish a lot of work by the 8th of May and I am not even close to being done. I believe the 8th is my last day of the Spring Semester though! After the 8th of May, I should be relatively free to continue working on all these wonderful stories I’ve started. But that’s a long time from now…

Don’t worry, my readers. This will also be the case for my fandubbing life on Youtube as well. After I record one more set of lines I owe in an upcoming deadline, I will take a short break in order to finish my schoolwork. So… to all my fandubbing friends who stalk my blog for whatever reason, I shall return to you guys after the 8th ❀ With the horrible news out of all the way, please text me or FB message me if anything comes up~ I won’t be on anywhere much otherwise. Byes guys! LOVE YOU ALL!