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To Minnie’s Readers,

Lucas Yeung is back for Chapter 2~

After much debate on my own, I have decided to continue the rest of Spirits (Remake) the second route aka present-past-present. For those who are a fan of the other first chapter, rejoice! You will definitely see that chapter again in the future, I promise~ For now, please read and enjoy Chapter II of Spirits (Remake)!! I love you all very much ❤

Because writing is a huge part of my grade for Creative Writing class, I am finishing up a one-shot for class. Of course, I will also upload it here for everyone who follows my works after I’m done! Please keep supporting me by reading everything I upload on here~ Also, for those who are wondering what is going on with my other stories, I will be finishing Eulalia at last as well as update From Vain to Dandy. There is no other updates for the other stories as of now. I am not sure there will be until I am done with Spirits (Remake), but we’ll see. You guys know how random I can be at times.