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To Minnie’s Readers,

FVTD is back~

The last time I uploaded a chapter was around when finals ended for me in the Spring semester, which was more than a month ago? I have received a lot of messages/comments everywhere about my lack of updates. I thought about replying to each one, but decided to explain it all in a post instead. Basically, I was occupied with Tales of Vesperia for a while. I waited like three years to play that game and I usually wait until after my finals were over before playing games over the summer. However, during this time, I still kept up my writing.

Unfortunately, my ongoing computer problems became quite unbearable during this time period. I knew that I had less than two months left of my laptop warranty so I basically decided to finally ship it in for repairs. No worries though. Because before I shipped my laptop, I moved all the important files to my external harddrive so I can type everything even without my laptop~ I did not expect how hard it was for me to concentrate on other computers (especially the desktop) though. I guess I was just too used to my laptop and nothing else felt ‘right’? Anyways, it’s still no excuse for taking this long so I apologize. My laptop probably won’t be back to me until a month later though… I’ll miss you my child T__T

Anyways, without further delay, Chapter 18 of FVTD! You’re probably wondering why I updated From Vain to Dandy out of all my stories. There’s actually a really simple reason. Chapter 18 was literally 2 pages away from done while Eulalia is 4 ¬†pages away from done and Spirits (Remake) is 5 pages away from done so I’m just going to finish in that order. Look out for the last chapter of Eulalia soon (Wah, I missed my June deadline T_T) ~~~~