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To Minnie’s Readers,

The end is here~ ❤

Let me see here. When was the last time I updated Eulalia? It feels like ages ago. Well, according to my calendar, Chapter 29 was uploaded on… February 21, 2012. Wow. Several months ago. Do you guys even remember what happened on Chapter 29? If not, please read or skim over the chapter at the link provided above! Sorry for the long delay!

I will not mince words here- some of you won’t be happy with the ending. There is really no way I can satisfy everyone with such a setup. You guys don’t think I know it, but I know there are many shipping debates whether Eulalia should be with Etchi or Brice. Some of you are even so bold as to suggest that Eulalia forever alone is the best ending. Oh! And I’m also looking at you hopeful Brice/Etchi shippers XD But like I said, I wrote the ending that I sort of planned from the very beginning so I hope you guys can at least respect my choice as well as each other over this matter.

There are times when I cried buckets while writing this last chapter. I cried at the beginning. I cried at the middle. I especially cried nearing the end. No lie. Ask my friend Raccoon. A part of me is sad at the events unfolding in the chapter. Is it the reader side in me hoping for a happy ending? Or is it the writer side in me wanting to write more of these characters? I don’t know. What I do know is that I am more emotionally invested in this story than any other so far. I cried when they cry. I laughed when they laugh. I worried so much for Brice Worth that I consider myself insane. But man, it might have been a roller coaster ride for these characters, but why me too? XD Yet, I will miss this so much… despite the many hours I cursed and threatened to never finish this story… Even now, I feel tears surfacing at the events in this last chapter…

One last picture of Eulalia~ ❤

The long awaited ending aka Chapter 30 is here! I am considering writing a short epilogue like the one for Sweet Hearts about the day of the speech, but I’m not quite sure if such an epilogue is fitting for this type of story. Let me know what you guys think! I’ll read and consider everything you guys have to say! Anyways, I feel like a huge burden is lifted from my shoulders. EULALIA I WILL MISS YOU!!!!

“Will there be a sequel to Eulalia?” I think I mentioned this to a couple of people before, but From Vain to Dandy is pretty much the sequel to Eulalia because it takes place a couple of years after Eulalia and in the same universe, too. If you haven’t read it already, I highly recommend reading it! Check it out here! As for my other plans, I am concentrating the bulk of my work on Spirits Remake, but will update From Vain to Dandy, Fool’s Paradise, Classy and Cool, and Femme Fury occasionally. Most likely the first two though XD Sorry C & C and FF fans! *hides from tomatoes*