To Minnie’s Readers,

Reminds me of Lucas/Adabella~

First of all, I apologize for anyone who got tricked into thinking this was a chapter update >_< I am still very much behind in writing on… literally everything, but I will try to get my act together starting next week. Why? Because school is starting and I, on average, write a lot more during school time than during the summer when I’m so occupied with hanging out with my friends and watching various anime (a couple catchups). Oh, and let’s not forget the Olympics this year (USA WOMEN BEACH VOLLEYBALL FTW!!!). Anyways, I can assure you that once school starts up again on August 20th, chapters will come out either weekly or bi-monthly like before. Sorry for the long absence!

Meanwhile, I’m interested in which story people want me to update the most so please vote here. I will take your votes into account :3