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To Minnie’s Readers,

This Princess Tutu picture seems fitting for this chapter~

This one-shot isn’t really long so it didn’t take me too long to write it (though it still took several weeks somehow). I finally finished a one-shot for once! Yay me? XD Anyways, this is a scene from Spirits II. Sometimes, I have random urges to write random scenes from stories I might not get to because I like those scenes so much. If you would rather wait for the story to come out, please refrain from reading this Reunion One-Shot~

Thanks to a discussion I had with one of my readers due to me watching Return of the Condor Heroes by Jin Yong, I stumbled upon an interesting topic regarding how devoted certain characters are to their love interests (yes, we’re not talking about to their family or to their job). It’s surprising how many males we came up for our list in stark contrast to the females. Here, I’ll list them and some of the reasons I read from people I associate with as well as maybe personal reasons in the mix~ If you disagree or want to add someone, leave a comment! Note: The characters are listed in random order.

First, female list because it’s a lot shorter XD

Eulalia from “Eulalia”:
Eulalia is one of our latest heroines from the modern series. As one of my readers put it, Eulalia is devoted to Etchi because that is the one and correct choice. She is nothing but devotion and to add to that, near the end of the book, she is able to learn and accept loss.

Adabella Shizuria from “Spirits Series”:
Adabella is one of the few characters who show up in multiple stories so I thought it was fitting to put series up there. Anyways, as indicated in the one-shot, Adabella searches the world for her beloved Lucas even if countless other men adore her for her wild nature…

Meralda Shizuria from “Spirits”:
Meralda is nothing but devotion, both to Alvin Gardner and Goddess Alika. Upon hearing that her lover Alvin is assassinated, Meralda is willing to give up her faith, her life, and her candidacy to join him. If the occasion ever comes up, Meralda will choose suicide with Alvin over everything else.

Sylvia Law from “New Era”:
The most tragic aspect of Sylvia’s love life is that most people consider her a second choice to Roseanna in Jai’s heart. Whether that is true or not, Sylvia crossed an entire desert to take care of Jai Chan even though he never noticed her. That is her servant and woman’s loyalty to Jai.

Luchia Luchmann from “New Era”:
Luchia has a similar case as Sylvia since her love interest Andrew Roupeez also has lingering feelings for Roseanna. However, no matter how many crimes Andrew committed under Rogelio’s rule, Luchia has unwavering faith he is good and will one day help the country for the better good.

Falina Chan from “New Era”:
Whether it’s considered obsession or devotion, Falina carries her child Thomas in her arms and chases after her husband Riddle for two whole years without even looking in Rogelio’s direction. Her passion and devotion for Riddle is beyond help.

Megumi Matsuda from “Sweet Hearts”:
There is a lot of female characters in Sweet Hearts, but none more devoted than Megumi Matsuda. In a story where female characters keep getting into different relationships, Megumi stays true to Rai from beginning to end. She would rather give up her singing career than give up Rai.

Tana from “Finale”:
If Tana is only allowed one word in her dictionary, it would be “loyal”. Assigned to Xach as his personal guard, Tana cannot imagine her life without him, since she pretty much takes care of everything for him. But more importantly, it is her love for Xach that makes her different from all the other numbers.

Now, for the longer male list XD

Rai Shiratori from “Sweet Hearts”:
Despite him denying his feelings for his duet partner Megumi, Rai sticks by the childish singer through and through. He doesn’t care for other women and worries about Megumi constantly. If anyone can keep up with Rai’s immaturity, it is Megumi and vice versa.

Carey Melton from “Sweet Hearts”:
Carey considers himself as the secondary male lead who never gets the girl, but in his case, he succeeds. Through his sacrifices for Theresa, he is able to improve both himself, his relationships with his friends, and his affection for her. Sometimes a little devotion is all that’s needed.

Jake Parke from “From Vain to Dandy”:
Is it possible to love someone too much? For Jake Parke, a life without his boss and lover, Mandy Monroe, is no life at all. He loses his ability to feel by her mere absence. A rejection from her, he claims, might drive him to suicide. But at the same time, his life is ever so wonderful with her around.

Lucas Yeung from “Spirits Series”:
Although Lucas is a man capable of hatred toward all the women of the world, he is also able to love more in a few months than other men their whole lives. Maybe it is because he distrusts and loathes the other sex for the majority of his life that when he meets his soulmate, he doesn’t hold anything back.

Alvin Gardner from “Spirits”:
Alvin and Meralda are as inseparable as Rai and Megumi. Every day of his life since the assassination attempt, Alvin wants to sneak a glimpse at Meralda. He would trade anything for such a moment, even if it is at the expense of the capture of his fellow pirates.

Dash Antonia from “New Era”:
Dash betrayed Roseanna once as a child. Now, he devotes his entire life to winning her back. Whether it is carrying her luggage or playing a triple agent, Dash is ready to do anything Roseanna desires. As long as she gets her revenge, nothing else matters, not even his feelings.

Dester Libmon from “New Era”:
Sure, at first, he sets out, determined to find his love, Sandra. However, once he gets involved with Vickie, his heart never wavers again. A naive yet noble gentleman, it is easy to see why he puts Vickie’s safety above his own as well her happiness and goals before his and with a smile, too.

Jin-Kyong Song from “Gorgeous Geek”:
There is a perfectly valid reason why the selfish and mean Jezebelle is attracted to her boyfriend, Jin Song; it is because the Korean geek is one selfless lover. With his strong family background and a maturity beyond his years, Jin knows what it takes to be a loyal and devoted partner.

Bo Sungwoo from “Gorgeous Geek”:
Even though it all started because of a promise Bo made with Jin, there are probably other reasons why Bo is so fond of Rin Hamada. Aside from his tendency to protect her, Bo will devote all his time and effort toward her happiness without asking anything in return.

Jordan Greene from “Eulalia”:
Jordan from Eulalia is more than deserving of this title. Even in a new university environment, he never forgets his love  for his best friend Jin to the point of devoting every weekend to look for Jin’s whereabouts. To add on top of that, Jordan knows Jin will only love Jezebelle.

Etchi from “Eulalia”:
Nevermind that Etchi has to sleep with some of his clients… as long as his heart stays with Eulalia, that is what matters, right? Jokes aside, Etchi’s attention is devoted to Eulalia whenever she’s around and even when she’s not around, everything he does is for her…

Takato Chan from “Change of Decade”:
What would you do if the person you love constantly asks you for advice? But for relationship with another man? Takato bears the burden of his unrequited love with style and support, offering his shoulder for Selena to cry on whenever Soraki breaks her heart yet again.

Brian Xieng from “Change of Decade”:
The villain of Change of Decade isn’t always a villain. Brian actually started out as someone who admires and adores Rebecca from afar with little hope that she would ever look in his direction. His love for her is so great that not even the darkness of the Demon Prince can conquer over him.

Xach from “Finale”:
If Tana is loyal to Xach, then Xach is as loyal to Aesa. Before Aesa appears in Xach’s life, Xach has no idea someone like him is able to love someone to the extent of questioning his motives to kidnap her. Despite the age difference, Xach feels like Aesa is the only one who understands him and deserves his affection.