To Minnie’s Readers,

Girls everywhere~

I have been touched by one of the messages I received recently from a reader about how my female characters, most prominently Eulalia, help her with life. Although I cannot disclose her name publicly, I want to thank her very much for her wonderful message to me. It also inspires me to write this post about what my own various female characters have taught me and many others over the years. Yes, it’s true. My imagination sometimes improve my life, believe it or not. Hopefully, my readers are able to take away such important values away from my stories as well. WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS BELOW!!!

“Everyone, including the Queen, criticizes me for having masculine tastes. They even nickname me ‘Ada the Wild’. Except for my father, no one else believes I have the qualifications to be Queen. But I will prove to my country and my mother that I am Adabella Shizuria, the Second Princess of Mizunam. I will always maintain my dignity and pride as a Princess, even if I have to train hard every day to be more lady-like.”

“The person I admire the most killed my parents and threw me into the Tower at the age of nine. I should have died multiple times from the age of five to eighteen. But I need to rise above that. Not only do I have to become strong enough to defeat my half-brother both in physical and mental abilities, I have an entire country’s national affairs on my shoulders. I am Roseanna Roupeez of the Limeon Squad Leaders.”

“Hi! My name is Theresa Alonso! Even though I had a non-sexual relationship with my professor, I was kicked out of school and looked down upon by the entire school population. In addition, I am clumsy and forgetful and fall for abusive men, therefore people take advantage of me. But my mother has taught me that I should not hold grudges and cherish what I do have so I will always smile for her and for me.”

“I am Jamie Yuan. Both my brother and mother died in a car accident. My father married another woman. He started a new family. He left me. I live with my boyfriend who would rather party than help with the housework. I am content though. I get to continue my college education. I work two part-time jobs. I met life-long friends. And I even cook food for those less fortunate than me. Every day, I am thankful I am alive.”

“My father named me Rin Hamada, but he was also the man who would rather return to his country and family than stay in America with my mother and I. Because my mother is naturally childish, I have to study hard to become a doctor to take care of her. I am not a genius like Kristian, but that’s okay. I’ll just have to study ten times as hard to make up for my lack of natural intelligence. I will become my own genius.”

“Other girls in school hate me because I’m more sexy, intelligent, athletic, and fashionable than them. They call me a ‘bitch’ and a ‘slut’ because of how I look and dress. How about this? Instead of focusing so much attention on this Jezebelle Tilly, how about you try to work out and maintain a strict diet like me? Or would you rather be confined as a child like me? Become your father’s puppet to spy on people?”

“I don’t understand. My entire life, everyone keeps saying I’m wrong. My drunk old man. My school teachers. Even complete strangers. Because of this, they bully and hate me. They treat me as a social outcast. But I cannot hate them or the rest of the world; this is just how they operate- they judge others without knowing them. I will not ignore others anymore. The world rejects me because I haven’t shown them the real Eulalia.”

“I am the founder of One Heart, Mandy Monroe. I have good genes and I am perfect. I am alive for the sole purpose of proving perfection exists. I can learn and perfect any task I desire. I do not lose out to anyone. That’s why instead of keeping my perfection to myself, I want to use it for the good of the world. Surely, someone like me can manage to create a utopia for everyone around me to live in. That is my lifelong goal.”

“I am Nicki Chantelle. My world completely changed when my mother passed away. We lost our house. I lost my opportunity to attend culinary school. Not a single day pass by when I don’t think about her. However, I cannot afford to be distracted because I have three younger brothers to take care of. Still, that doesn’t mean I’ll betray Blaine for money either because my friends, especially him, mean as much to me as my family.”

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