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To Minnie’s Readers,

Minnie: Plug before Steve starts XD

Steve: Hello everyone. My name is Steve and I will be ranking the top 99 hottest characters in Minnie’s works. You are probably wondering why this nobody has the honor of taking on this task; I shall state the reasons why I am qualified. One, I have read almost all, if not all of Minnie’s writings since six to seven years ago. Two, I am not biased toward male or female characters. Those who know me can vouch for my character. Three, I am accepting of all criticism so if any of you disagree with my rankings, I am open to hearing your reasons why. Four, I have too much time on my hands so might as well be useful. Before I reveal the first wave, I would like to remind everyone that the rankings are in terms of hotness so of course, looks will play a major factor. I am not a superficial person and fully understand that a character can be hot without being hot physically so you will see this in my choices as well. I hope everyone enjoy the work I put into this!

= Spirits (Both Remake and Older)

= From Vain to Dandy

= Eulalia

= Classy & Cool

= Fool’s Paradise

= Gorgeous Geek

= Sweet Hearts

= Spirits: Finale

= Spirits: Change of Decade

= Spirits: New Era

# 99

Killian LeDuke 

Steve: Let me get this out of the way. Killian LeDuke has one of the hottest fictional names I have ever heard. By name logic and From Vain to Dandy logic (Mandy specifically picks hot men for her center), Killian has to land a place on this list, even if the readers haven’t met him for long. I hope he appears in person soon!

# 98

Kindra Roupeez 

Steve: If Kindra Roupeez is anything like Kimberly Roupeez (Minnie: from the previous draft), she deserves a spot on this list. So far, Kindra has proven she is as kickass and humorless as her former counterpart, if not moreso. Plus, I find OP women sexy.



Steve: I have a prediction and that is Cameron will have the same effect on fangirls as Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji. He has the makings for it. If Minnie gave him more screen time, he would be higher up this list =) Let’s wait and see if I’m right.



Steve: The dude has four girlfriends and another four possible love interests chasing after him. A spot for Bogancio on this list is well-deserved.


Locke Xieng/Shizuria 

Steve: Same reasoning with Bogancio. The difference is Locke‘s parents are Adabella Shizuria and Lucas Yeung. I hope he inherits their looks =D


Aesa Spirits 

Steve: It’s too bad this is not the Top 99 Cutest Characters or else, Aesa Spirits will be so high up there. She is pretty much a loli in both appearance and personality. What makes her so hot is the fact that she is able to win over someone like Xach.


Simone West 

Steve: Let’s be real here. Simone West has to at least be somewhat hot to have a chance of marrying someone like Blaine West and creating a perfect child like Angel. And is it just me or does she have a makings of a sadist?


Yvette Kim  

Steve: I am a shameless Yvette fanboy. I personally think her bossy attitude is endearing and sexy. She should be higher, if she had more screen time. Minnie, give Yvette more screen time! DX


Sandara Marina 

Steve: Love her or hate her… you cannot deny her gutsy dreams and ambitions. Sandara Marina is also a refreshing Hispanic side character and I like Hispanic women, both IRL and in fiction.


Steven Roupeez 

Steve: Look! His name is close to mine! Maybe it’s because Steven Roupeez is Roseanna Roupeez’s son and I am confusing the son for the mother, but damn, I always find him to be so smoking delicious… So what if he’s a skirt chaser? =D


Lipse Spirits 

Steve: If Aesa deserves a spot, why not her brother Lipse Spirits? The so-called “hero” of Finale is a hot character in many ways. He runs fast. He thinks fast. He works fast. He even marries fast and to a Goddess no less! His rivalry with Xach is probably one of my favorites from Minnie’s stories =D


Xara Rosenthal 

Steve: There should not exist a man who refuses to rank Xara Rosenthal somewhere on his personal hottest character list. As minor of a character as she is, Xara left a strong impression on me. It’s her sexy fashion sense, princess-like attitude, and relationship with Etchi that sealed the deal =D



Steve: I know it’s not fair to rank Dani the lowest of all the Fool’s Paradise girls because of her flat chest and tomboy nature, but… there are too many hot women in that book. I love Dani! How can you resist? She is the perfect bro! And she wears BLOOMERS!


Dan Light 

Steve: I admit I have the hugest mancrush on Dan Light. He is so happy-go-lucky and shines like the star that he is! He draws happy faces in foam and kills without batting an eyelash! What an adorable dork! And for a pirate, he’s such a handsome blond. Too bad Minnie asked me to be rational with this list…


Pandora Lovette 

Steve: Pandora Lovette is that preppy cheerleader sort of character that you see in those Western movies who all the guys are drooling over. The difference between them and Pandora is that playboy James Law is drooling over her and any girl James Law drools over must be a goddamn hottie.


Theia Spirits 

Steve: Theia Spirits is like Dan Light for me, except with more screen time. Whereas everyone is so dark and pessimistic in Finale, Theia lights up the day with his jokes and superpower. And since he is half-Spirit and half-Human, he is probably more good-looking than Dan Light, especially having Selena as a mother.


Victoria Hopkins 

Steve: Victoria Hopkins is labeled the hottest girl at Wilson High and Jordan Greene’s on and off girlfriend in Gorgeous Geek. Enough said.


Sofia O’Haggins 

Steve: Lots of people don’t get Sofia O’Haggins. I do. She is like Minnie’s dark-haired version of Riza Hawkeye except her Roy Mustang is nowhere to be found. Minnie is a cruel author like that…



Steve: Like Victoria Hopkins, this one is obvious. Jovi is considered the most beautiful girl in Fool’s Paradise. Sure, her personality is like a doll, but who cares right? She’s lovely, rich, and smart. Oh, and let’s not forget she plays the violin and is friends with Prince Wilhelm!


Logan Holly 

Steve: Every member of One Heart needs to be on my list, including Logan Holly. He’s clingy, obsessive, and clingy. Yet, so sweet and adorable. This may be my imagination, but I can imagine how hot he can be around Mandy… He’ll be like the hottest and most masochistic pet puppy ever…


Rhea Spirits 

Steve: Rhea and Theia need to get together. Now. Ahem. Rhea Spirits is always going on about loyalty and justice in Finale. But at the same time, she wrecks havoc with her Lucky superpowers. According to Minnie, she is one of the prettier siblings and I can totally see why…


Tristan Tailor 

Steve: Tristan‘s story and character is definitely one of my favorites in Gorgeous Geek. For the longest time, I support Tristan/Jin hardcore. Jin is like the perfect soft topping to this hot-tempered bully. For one second, I debated between placing Tristan or Alejandro on this list. Dude. What is wrong with me? It’s Tristan! How can I not pick Tristan?



Steve: Mei-Lien has unlimited potential right now. A mysterious girl carrying around knives and wearing kimonos to school? A spy from a rival noble family? That possibility is too sexy for words. Let’s not forget the fact that Mei-Lien has endless admirers in school for her cold princess looks…


Jai Chan 

Steve: Jai Chan is such an arrogant douche… that he’s irresistible. He reminds me of those male protagonists in shoujo manga that Minnie is always complaining about. Sure, on the outside, he’s a conceited bastard, but on the inside? A heart of gold. He just doesn’t know how to express himself, that’s all! Right ladies?

Minnie: I like to take some time to say that I don’t have enough pictures to provide for all the characters Steve gave me for this long-awaited list O__O So I’ll try my best to provide pictures for at least half of the characters :3 Steve, thank you sooo much for figuring out this list for me! I’ll try to update this countdown whenever I can~ Look forward to the next wave in the future~