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To Minnie’s Readers~

Yet Another Random AdaLu one-shot~

Yet Another Random AdaLu one-shot~

Hiya guys! I didn’t think I would release a one-shot this soon, but after surveying a handful of my readers, the results indicate you guys want another shoujo-filled one-shot of the Spirit Remake couple XD I’m amazed because of the amount of love you guys give them despite releasing only five chapters. Thank you so much ❤ So here’s another one-shot called Role Reversal, where as one of my readers put it is about “a badass, seme Princess and sexy, seme Pirate King trying not to kill each other due to sexual frustration”.

Survey Results for which couples you love from M.P. Vo’s stories:
12) Alvin/Meralda aka AlMer (Spirits Remake)
11) Karenana/Kandyl aka K+K (Fool’s Paradise)
10) Caresa aka Caramel/Theresa (Sweet Hearts)
9) Brice/Etchi aka Brichi (Eulalia)
8) KT/Jamie aka KJamie (Sweet Hearts)
7) Jake/Joel aka Jael (From Vain to Dandy)
6) Francis/Melissa aka FranMel (Sweet Hearts)
5) Cherry/Blaine aka Chaine (From Vain to Dandy)
4) Rai/Megami aka RaiMeg (Sweet Hearts)
3) Kristian/Rin aka KrisRin (Gorgeous Geek)
2) Jordan/Jin aka JorJin (Gorgeous Geek)
1) Adabella/Lucas aka AdaLu (Spirits Remake)

Nope. I am not surprised at these results at all.