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To Minnie’s Readers,

Jake/Mandy! Probably the biggest ship of FVTD...

Jake/Mandy! Probably the biggest ship tease of FVTD…

First of all, I apologize for going a two-maybe-three-weeks hiatus after writing so much during November ;; I suck huh? But I am actually not doing as well as I should for the last two weeks of French for this semester. I started off with like perfect scores and now, I’m only managing a B for the past test XD;; I really need to focus and kick this Final’s ass with my amazing, BSing French skills. Unfortunately, in the back of my mind, I am constantly thinking about my portfolio for one of my universities and it’s driving me nuts that I can’t decide on what to send… On top of that, I kind of need to animate a lot of my chorus group Zessei Bijin so sorry guys XD;; I’ll try to finish Spirits Remake Chapter VI soon!

Be warned! The rest of this post is chock full of spoilers! Most of you guys read everything anyways and for the stories you haven’t read yet, I don’t think you’ll ever read them because they’re not your taste or something. Whatever 😛 Anyways, my friend Marissa and I discussed something interesting the other day. In the Tales series, the hero and heroine usually end up together or heavily implied. But in the case of my stories, as Marissa observed, that is not the case at all. But why is that? Why is it that in my stories, my main hero and heroine don’t hook up? In case you don’t believe me… here are all the examples!

Hohiho <–///–> Minx <–??–> Marcello

Spirits III
Miyana —-> Ambros —-> Nalani

Spirits New Era
Locke Xieng <–///–> Roseanna Roupeez

Spirits Change of Decade
Duke Susan <–///–> Selena Xieng

Spirits Finale
Lipse Spirits <–///–> Aesa Spirits

Sweet Hearts
KT Shiratori <—-> Theresa Alonso (but didn’t work out)

Honey Pie
Michie Shiratori/Cookie Yuan… No Hero

Gorgeous Geek
Jin-Kyong Song <–///–> Rin Hamada

Fool’s Paradise
Bogancio … No Heroine

Classy and Cool
Carmen Santiago <–???–> Butch

Femme Fury
Jordan Greene <–///–> Jezebelle Tilly

Brice Worth —-> Eulalia

From Vain to Dandy
Blaine West <–///–> Mandy Monroe

Spirits Remake/II
Lucas Yeung <—-> Adabella Shizuria

As you can see from the examples from all my notable stories, the main hero and heroine do not hook up. Sometimes, they don’t even like each other in that way. I guess that’s one explanation why I don’t write romantic comedies (or tragedies O_O)… my two main leads don’t usually end up together anyways! The only exception is the obvious pairing of AdaLu… I wonder if that’s why I consider Spirits the most ‘romantic’ of all my stories? Even though it’s not even focused on the romance? I actually have no real explanation why I do this. My only guess is that when I create characters and pick the two to be my main leads, romance is not what I’m going for. Usually, I choose my leads based on what they bring to my stories and to each other; they can be mirrors of each other (Blaine/Mandy, Lucas/Adabella) or foil characters (Locke/Rosy, Theresa/KT) or even part of two separate sides of a story (Rin/Jin, Serena/Duke).

I guess this means I should one day experiment and write a serious romance and see what happens. If that day ever happens… will the two leads be the ones in love? Or will I be all Minnie again and write about two love stories? Or will they be the best of friends instead and help random people with their love stories? XD I never know what I come up with… Why is it that you guys can predict me better than I can predict myself?