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Hiya Minnie’s Readers,

A wedding takes place in this one-shot~

A wedding takes place in this one-shot~

I feel inspired recently so I quickly wrote this one-shot for you all ❤ It’s called Four Years Later so you can guess what’s going on there~ Maybe I’ll be inspired enough to write the actual story? But anyways, I’m not 100% sure if this is canon or not. It might be. It probably will be. I haven’t actually thought about whether to write this as canon to the actual story or not, but who knows. It might take centuries before I finish Femme Fury anyways. I’m hoping to release Spirits Remake later this week or another chapter of From Vain to Dandy, but I’m not sure yet XD;; We’ll see. Please keep supporting me despite being a horrible writer when it comes to updating OTL