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To Minnie’s Readers,

A certain Lord joins the scene~

A certain Lord joins the scene~

Wow. I keep losing track when is the last time I updated this story, but I am working through this as much as I can within my free time. Slow and steady will win the race? No, not really. I’m just lazy and unproductive with my writing because I am so productive elsewhere. Despite that, my New Year’s resolution for next year is probably to update once a month for this story if possible… which is sad now that I think about it XD Also, to lose weight and sleep earlier! My goal for next year will be sleeping at 1-2 am! Yes, that’s early for me XD My health is deteriorating… I’m not young anymore Q__Q Sob. Just joking~ I would never whine in a post when you guys should be thrilled to read my latest Spirits Remake Chapter VI instead~ ❤ :3 I will be uploading probably a one-shot and From Vain to Dandy soon~ Yay for the break!