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To Minnie’s Readers,

It's a different JezJin!

It’s a different JezJin!

Maybe it’s thanks to a recent discussion of Gorgeous Geek recently with a couple of my readers and talk of the latest Femme Fury one-shot, but I feel inspired to tackle on that cast again. It’s been way too long. So, there you go guys~ Here is a GG AU One-shot for you all to start the 2013 year with~ I must warn you though. Please take this as an AU version of the original and do not treat it like canon. It was just a fun idea I was playing with- what would happen if Jin and Jezebelle had a different beginning? Like Jin or Jezebelle had to ask each other out rather than being forced into a relationship by Jin’s father. The concept was too appealing to give up so here it is and with GG’s original writing style too~ How is the beginning of the year treating you guys? I hope to write plenty this year!

And one last alert! Viewzoho will be closing… which means all the Gorgeous Geek chapters will be shut down! None of the links will work anymore! What will happen then? I will slowly upload all the chapters onto a different website and upload new links. I hope you guys are not too impatient for that :3 ❤ So, again, if you encounter dead links, please be patient and wait for the new ones!