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To Minnie’s Readers:



Hiya guys once again! I am in the middle of typing Spirits Remake Chapter VII at the moment but it will probably take me until the end of the month to finish it, seeing as how each chapter is so long. I hope you guys enjoyed the last one as much as I enjoy writing it! Also, I am writing a shoujo story for this chorus battle I’m participating in. Since I’m kind of competitive, I want to write a good enough story to pass us to the next round and the next and the next! I can’t really upload the story here because well, this chorus battle requires everyone to be anonymous so… sorry guys >__< I will however maybe upload it here after the chorus battle is over~ What do you guys think? Gosh, you guys really give me strength!

Now, for the short request~ One of my favorite readers mentioned to me after I uploaded Spirits Remake Chapter VII that Adabella reminded her of a shounen hero! That made me laugh and she went on to say that if Lucas hated women so much, wouldn’t all his problems be solved with Adabella crossdressing as a man? I can see her point. I mean, Adabella is pretty masculine to begin with. So since that image had to be done so…

Adabella: If only I were born a man…
Lucas: Never thought I would hear a woman say that.
Adabella: Imagine the benefits! I do not have to labor over childbirth! I can freely befriend all the Knights! I will work hard to become the ideal son to my father! And of course, I can swing a sword and no one can judge me!
Lucas: For that last reason, aren’t you forgetting something? You don’t need to be reborn for that. Just dress up as a man.
Adabella: …You are a genius, Lucas!


Crossdressing Transformation!

Adabella: I am loving this, Lucas! ❤ I can move a lot easier now!
Lucas: Heh. Women are ridiculous when it comes to fashion…
Adabella: I agree. I should dress up like this all the time.
Lucas: Only around me.
Adabella: Oh? Why only with you? I was thinking I should dress up more like this where other people can see me…
Lucas: I am not traveling anywhere with you dressed like that.
Adabella: How blunt of you. What is the problem, Lucas~? I thought you hate women! Would you not prefer me to dress up as a man so you can hate me less? Or is it that you want no one else to see how handsome I am as a man but you?
Lucas: Ada. Shut your porthole.
Adabella: Since when do I listen to you, hm?
Lucas: Ignorant woman. You are too complacent being the superior sex your entire life. Be more aware of your surroundings, please. Do you know how dangerous it is to be a man? This is no joking manner.
Adabella: Lucas…
Lucas: What do you want to fight about now?
Adabella: As you wish, I will only crossdress like this for you ❤
Lucas: Ugh, stop it. I am not used to you agreeing with me.
Adabella: ❤
Lucas: ❤

Okay, maybe that ending didn’t happen, but whatever. These two are so easy to type about. It just sucks that it will take ages to ever get to here in the actual story XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

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