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To Minnie’s Readers,

Credit goes to heartythrills yet again~

Credit goes to heartythrills yet again~

To make up for not typing a lot for last week and probably part of this week because of a contest and a couple of university stuff, I posted this Short Eulalia Extra Story about the gang going to an amusement park. I know it’s not a lot but I feel like if I don’t at least upload something to do with writing, I will suddenly become super lazy and unproductive and never produce anything on time ever again. Sadly, due to not typing a lot for my own blog, I will probably not release the next chapter of Spirits Remake. We’ll see. But it looks unlikely. Already, the new year and I’m already failing to release a chapter a month for that story. Sigh…

“Love is only an obsessive overthinking about something” is a famous line by Kousuke Hiromitsu from Heroine Shikkaku~ It’s pretty famous because I’ve seen quite a number of people use it in their signatures and random posts. It’s hard not to agree with Kousuke on this line, being a realist myself. But anyways, the reason I bring it up is because I believe everyone who loves and reads shoujo manga a lot should head on over and support Heroine Shikkaku! It’s basically a shoujo mocking fun of shoujo tropes while still being very mainstream shoujo in its own right. Every character seems to be created out of shoujo trope but with a dose of realism and ridicule. Sort of Ouran High School a few years ago~ It’s my current obsession and I think it’s groundbreaking for its demographic. If an anime ever comes out, I will be sure to spam it all over my blog~ ❤

A competition call Masquerade Ball Chorus Battle is going on youtube and I am asked by my friends to promote it on my blog so I am going to! Please watch all the amazing entries to this singing competition here. There’s a voting aspect to this competition so please vote for five entries here if possible~ If you’re curious which videos my friends are in and don’t want to bother watching all 40ish entries, they are Vanistiana, Harem Shikkaku, Fushigi Nine, Magni Regni, Bags of Tricks and Treachery, and lilium album. I know that’s six groups but hopefully you guys can support most of them ❤ Thank you very much! I know I ask too much of you guys XDDDD ❤