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To Minnie’s Patient Readers,

I know you all want to do this to me, like whoever is doing to Kane in this picture...

I know you all want to do this to me, like whoever is doing to Kane in this picture…

I know, I know! It’s been waaaay too long since I’ve updated any of my stories and I am really sorry about that. But I can reassure you guys, yet again, that I am working on a secret writing project at the moment. I can’t really post any of it here though since it’s against the rules, but I will most definitely post the chapters up when I’m allowed to. I’m not just sitting around and reading manga all day (though that is what I do on for hours occasionally..). Once I am done with this project, I will return to writing Spirits Remake and my other works~ I might be giving up on writing but not for this year at least :3

Also, I am aware that all my Gorgeous Geek chapters and probably a couple of other notable chapters have been taken down due to Zoho Viewer closing after the end of the 2012. I will re-upload these chapters for you all at the first opportunity I am able to. I won’t be able to upload them all at once but I’ll try to get them done a bit at a time. In the meanwhile, I am planning to get Eulalia self-published this upcoming month because I score some free publishing rights. I am excited about this and can’t think of a better place to spread this news than on here with all you guys ❤ Thank you everyone for your support and I apologize once again for not posting anything in forever. I will make it up by writing twice as hard when I am done with this secret project. Please keep supporting me ❤