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To Minnie’s Readers:

Thank you everyone for all your support!

Thank you everyone for all your support so far!

First of all, as of the moment, I have updated the first ten chapter links of Gorgeous Geek. I will proceed to try to get the first forty chapters up and working again by next week. In other news, I feel like it’s only fair for me to make this announcement early rather than later: I will not be continuing Femme Fury anymore. A lot of you must be angry and/or upset that it took me this long to actually confirm this since I know a lot of you have been waiting for me to update this story for years now. But Gorgeous Geek is a one-time deal for me and I can’t continue where I left off without re-reading Gorgeous Geek in its entirety. I feel like I can’t write Femme Fury justice until I fully remember every event that happened in Gorgeous Geek. And I know for sure that if I reread Gorgeous Geek all over from Chapter 1-88, my editor side won’t take it and I feel the need to rewrite the whole story. I am willing to do that, just not now. Not when I have to finish a couple of other projects first. So, conclusion is Femme Fury is discontinued until I can find the strength in me to rewrite Gorgeous Geek and actually finish the second half of that story.

For the rest of you who are like “I’m not here for Femme Fury, I’m here for your other works”, I have some news for you guys, too. From Vain to Dandy will be on hiatus for an indefinite amount of time. I am not sure whether I will return to that story within this year, which is bad news because this might be the last writing year of my youth. However, if there is a month I might return to it, it will be November, my usual NaNoWriMo month where I am forced to sit down and actually write stuff. We’ll see then. For now, please do not expect any new updates on From Vain to Dandy. If I decide to not write this story anymore like Femme Fury, I will surely make a huge announcement about it.

Last but not least, my two stories that are still on-going: Fool’s Paradise and Spirits Remake. Spirits Remake is my focus for the rest of the year, as I’ve mentioned many times before. I will struggle and keep working at it until I am done with this story. I might cut back from 30 chapters to 20 chapters depending on how much content I feel is necessary for the first book. I feel like since it’s a series, I have the luxury to actually move some information from one book to the next. As for Fool’s Paradise, the manga/webcomic is in the works. Let’s hope it works out~ If it does, I might pay to open my own website to host it :3 We’ll see! For now, please wish me luck in finishing my secret project so I can finally move on to Spirits Remake where my focus needs to be XD

Last but not least, best of luck to Kobe Bryant in recovering from his injury. I begin thinking about my own career and choices in life because of him. You need to come back, stronger than ever! ❤

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