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To Minnie’s Readers,

Hiya guys! It’s been a long time! Well, actually, it really hasn’t if you count that last rant-y American Idol post. In any case, I am here with some story news at last! Let me start off with the bad news. The bad news is that I probably won’t finish Spirits Remake before the end of May. It’s sad but I’ve been busy with a guest living at my house. It’s been so much fun but at the same time, I can’t write anything with her around. Ugh. Life keeps getting in the way of writing. My precious characters ;; In addition, I have no copies of Gorgeous Geek chapters on my old laptop either. The only way to retrieve them is my broken portable hard drive. I know. It sounds like a disaster in the making. I’m pulling my hair out over this because my precious chapters of Gorgeous Geek may be lost forever ;___; My high-tech friends will try to fix that hard drive. I’m crossing my fingers and praying this works out so I can upload the rest of the Gorgeous Geek chapters for you guys. If not, I’m really sorry, but such a terrible loss will surely affect me more than any of you guys at least >< How am I supposed to rewrite Gorgeous Geek from memory…?

Now, with the bad news out of the way, let’s talk about the good news! Or at least maybe good news? The good news is I’m moving out of my parents’ house next year and most likely into an apartment because I’m transferring universities. I probably mentioned this before in a previous post but I would like to make it official just in case I didn’t. I will still try to write as much as I can as usual so nothing’s changed. I will of course cut back on my other hobbies though, like singing though. With that said and done, the real good news is remember that project I’ve been writing about? That I can’t tell you guys about? Well, I can now so I will ❤

Tsukishita Sera~ The narrator for the first section of Warau Tame Ni~

Tsukishita Sera~ The narrator for the first section~

It’s called Warau Tame Ni and it’s a shoujo… Minnie’s style~ A good friend of mine made up the names and template for the characters. I wrote them in a competition for fun. It’s a good excuse since I read sooo many shoujo manga (it’s actually kind of icky how many I’ve read over the years) so why not try to tackle one myself? Just to prove that I can do it? Once I break my writing up into suitable chapters, I’ll upload them one by one on here >w< Hope you guys enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it~ It’s almost completed and I’ve been working on it for months now. I’m excited to just finish it off and go back to Spirits Remake ❤ Wish me luck!