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To Minnie’s Readers:

Warau Tame Ni Characters drawn by my friend, TK~

I’m back with another quickie post. Thanks to two of my readers, I am able to upload the first fifty chapters of Gorgeous Geek right after I posted about not being able to. You guys are some of the most supportive readers in the world, I swear ❤ I really appreciate it. I don’t know what I would have done if I am unable to retrieve my Gorgeous Geek chapters. If you guys haven’t read Gorgeous Geek yet or are in the middle of reading it, please check the re-uploaded chapters here on the Gorgeous Geek Page! Again, thank you so much everyone!

Now, I like to present you guys my version of a shoujo manga in writing of course. One day, if I’m lucky enough to work with an artist, I would love to see this in manga form ❤ But for now, we have to do with writing. As stated before, it’s called Warau Tame Ni. It goes through four different point of views before it ends on third person for the finale~ It’s a short story compared to my other works so please enjoy!

Summary: Naito Mamoru is a troubled, angry high schooler who catches the interest of his sweet and determined classmate, Tsukishita Sera, on a chance encounter on the rooftop. Through their meeting, Sera tastes first love for the first time and Mamoru begins to fix his ditching habits. But mutual love is never that easy– Sera will soon learn that Mamoru’s goal is to become a man in order to be with the seemingly perfect Hoshino Mizuki. A story about a young boy’s constant fight with both his feelings and against society’s judgment.

Chapter 1: Deai no Chikara
Chapter 2: Kare wo Settoku Suru Tame no Saikai