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To Minnie’s Readers,

Hoshino Mizuki~ narrator of these two chapters~

Hoshino Mizuki~ narrator of these two chapters~

Hiya guys! I am back again with more chapters of my Minnie version of a shoujo, Warau Tame Ni, and more Gorgeous Geek chapters re-uploaded. You guys might noticed there are some missing chapters in between like Chapter 52 for example. That is because I am still searching through for them XD They seem to have vanished for some reason I can’t really comprehend. Hopefully, I can track them down soon and upload them for you guys. If not, that’s a chunk of chapters missing in between…

Anyways, please enjoy the next two chapters of Warau Tame Ni though a different perspective! The next couple of chapters will also be in a different character’s perspective~ This will keep happening until the finale where it will be strictly in third person perspective ❤

Chapter 3: Aitai Riyuu
Chapter 4: Burning Dance
Chapter 3/4 Side Stories