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To Minnie’s Readers:

Young Mamoru seems fitting to use for this chapter~

Young Mamoru seems fitting to use for this chapter~

How is everyone? Are you guys dealing with 101 degrees like I am in SoCal? I hope not! Anyways, I failed to mention this before but there is a guest living at my house until the beginning of August. As many of you guys have noticed, my online activity has decreased drastically because of this. I have not given up on finishing the next Spirits chapter though so I will try my best to work on that during this month of June. Another project I’m working on during this month of June is a possible manga one-shot of From Vain to Dandy with one of my artist friends. It will be for a contest due in June. We hope to finish it on time. If so, I will announce about it on the blog. Please support both my writings and collaborations guys!

In the meantime, here is the latest installment of Warau Tame Ni. For the next couple of chapters, it will be in Naito Mamoru‘s perspective until the finale. Instead of uploading the chapters in batches like before, I will be uploading them 1-2 chapters at a time while I write the conclusion of this story. Yes, it’s coming to an end quite soon! Short story huh? Thank you for all the support you guys gave me for this story so far ❤ I’m glad you guys are enjoying a “romance” story from Minnie XD

Chapter 9: Pieces of Him

In other news, tomorrow is my brother’s birthday! Hopefully, he’ll get the best birthday present by having the Pacers defeat the Heats in the NBA Eastern Conference Playoffs. We can only hope Roy Hibbert can dethrone last year’s champions~