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To Minnie’s Readers,

HaremShikkakuSample2I am back with more chapters for Warau Tame Ni :3 A lot of you guys are probably wondering how I’m able to release all these chapters so quickly. I mentioned this before briefly, but I’ll be more elaborate this time. Basically, I wrote these chapters for a competition and the rules of the competition stated that I can’t reveal my identity as the author. So… I had to wait until the competition was over so I could upload them for you guys to read! I was so excited about this~ I love hearing all your comments and reactions to my story ❤ I had a lot of doubt at first because honestly, I’m not really a romance writer, but Warau Tame Ni is turning out quite nicely and apparently not a “pure romance” according to somebody. All in all, a lot better than I expected~ Please enjoy more of Mamoru’s angst narration ❤

Chapter 10: Giri
Chapter 11: Co-Worker’s Curiosity