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To Minnie’s Readers,

More artwork from my artist friend~

More artwork from my artist friend~

The sad news is Pacer’s lost the other day. The good news is my girl Michelle Chamuel is still going strong on The Voice! We love you and support you forever~ In regards to this Mamoru arc as Stevie likes to put, there will only be one chapter left after this. I hope you guys enjoy it so far. After the next chapter, the story will be in third person perspective instead :3 I know it’s a bit boring after first person narration but I hope you guys like the direction I’m taking Warau Tame Ni! My first shoujo/real romance and all XD Enjoy the chapters ❤ And like always, thank you for all your lovely comments and support!

Chapter 12: Asuka’s Confession
Chapter 13: Violation