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To Minnie’s Readers,

Eulalia Cover by close friend Gracie~

Eulalia Cover by close friend Gracie~

I know a lot of you guys have already heard this news, but I know a couple of you don’t have Skype or Facebook so I’ll also announce it here. It’s most fitting to announce it here anyways. Eulalia has been self-published! I have a couple of copies of the book on me right now (though I have agreed to give away some of them to a couple of my readers so I won’t have any copies left for now). I won free publishing so I went ahead and published Eulalia because well, it was the only story of mine that is short enough to be published in one volume xD So sad. I know. I’m planning to publish Spirits (Remake) next if I win this prize again.

In the meantime, a lot of you guys are aware that I am very close to finishing Warau Tame Ni. I like to say that this story will end in 20 chapters or less. I think I’ll take a break from this story though for now and concentrate on one of my other stories instead for a bit. Too much modern Japanese characters for me for the past couple of months XD I believe Chapter 16 is a nice place to stop though as well. Look out for a new chapter of one of my one-going stories! For now, enjoy the next two installments of Warau Tame Ni~

Chapter 15: Mamoru’s Resolve
Chapter 16: Phone Number