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To Minnie’s Readers,

A group hug between all the major characters of Warau Tame Ni! By my artist partner, Kai!

A group hug between all the major characters of WTN! By artist partner, Kai!

First of all, I need to take a moment to apologize to all my readers who have been patiently waiting for any news of me. I have been terrible with both writing my stories and updating you guys about my life in general. I guess it’s about time I take care of the latter first. Even though I don’t usually share personal information about myself, I think my health hasn’t been very good lately. I’m not sure exactly what it is; what I do know is that my physical health is not as good as it can be. Do I need to exercise more? Find ways to relax my body? Probably and a lot more. Other than my physical health on the decline, I am not in the right mental state at the moment. After I attended Anime Expo, which was amazing by the way and has nothing with my current predicament, a lot of events happen in a row that hasn’t been quite favorable. I do not mean to make this message sound like the end of the world because it isn’t. I will definitely bounce back and return to my usual self soon~ For now though, a combination of both health issues and personal issues will keep me in check for a while. I hope you guys understand and be patient with me in regards to updating my fiction. Thank you so much ❤ You guys are some of the best readers in the world! At least to me~

Special Note to the girls of ZB: I worry and think about you guys the most because you guys are part of my main group and who I care about the most. Ew, I sound so sentimental. Yuck. But anyways, you guys are also the most self-sufficient so please cooperate with each other and get the projects done on your own~ Please post lines and mixes in the main chat so everyone can see them. This way, mixers or singers who need to hear/gather anything can do it easily. After thinking about this for hours, I decide that I won’t leave ZB with a substitute leader. I truly believe you guys will do what you’re supposed to do without someone being in charge. In other words, you guys are all leaders until I’m back! Check ZB tumblr often! Good luck! Please read the last paragraph of this post if you want to contact me for any reason 🙂

Before I take my hiatus or break (however long that may be- can range from a week to months, I don’t know yet) from everything hobby-related, I managed to finish this chapter in time. I don’t want to not update anything and then, poof! It’s a bit unfair to you all. Without further delay, here is Chapter 17 of Warau Tame Ni! I believe either Chapter 18 or 19 will be my last chapter of this story. I don’t believe I’ll make it to Chapter 20. I want to write a side chapter focused on Kikuchi Asuka though, as per a lot of requests. After that, I will focus all my energy into Spirits Remake and a manga one-shot collaboration with my long-term artist Gracie. It will be very different from my usual stuff, sort of like Warau Tame Ni. I guess I’m branching out huh?

The twins drawn by my artist friend Yuu~

The twins drawn by my artist friend Yuu~

Since Warau Tame Ni is on its way to completion, there are a couple of questions I’ve been hearing a lot and I think they’re great questions so I want to share and answer them here so everyone can read them:

I know Tsukishita Sera starts off the story and fits the shoujo heroine mold, but I truly believe Hoshino Mizuki is the shoujo heroine. Which one is it, Minnie?

Some forms of this question has been asked frequently by everyone it seems. You guys may know this already, but I don’t follow the standards of everyone else. As Stevie or anyone else who has been with me for a long time can tell you, I actually have my own tropes that I follow. Therefore, if you follow the Minnie tropes, Hoshino Mizuki is the heroine of Warau Tame Ni. She might not be the shoujo heroine, but she is definitely the female lead that I will put alongside the likes of Mandy Monroe and Eulalia. She will be embraced and drawn along with the other girls :3

Is Naito Mamoru a tsundere?

Actually, my friend Stevie has already written an essay regarding this topic. It will be out very soon in its own separate post. It’s quite interesting and I recommend you read it!

Will you ever write a chapter in a minor character’s perspective? Say Inokuma Kimi or Shirakawa Naoki?

If you mean as a side story, maybe. I haven’t made any such plans in my head though.

Because the world needs more Asuka!

Because the world needs more Asuka!

I think I’m one of the few readers who don’t particularly enjoy Mizuki/Mamoru. I actually like Asuka/Mamoru more. I know Asuka is a boy at heart, but does that mean she likes girls? Or can she like boys too? How does that work?

Lots of people want to know Asuka’s sexual orientation, I noticed, haha. This has nothing to do with Asuka herself, but people like Asuka can like either boys or girls. Just because they are a boy or girl at heart does not mean their sexual orientation aligns with their gender. For example, you can be a girl who is a boy on the inside and dates boys. It will look “normal” by society’s standards, but for that person, it’s actually anything but. They are a boy who is now homosexual inside a girl’s body. Double taboo. There’s actually an excellent video about this so please message me if you’d like to check it out! As for Asuka herself, her sexual orientation is fairly obvious… after you read Chapter 17 and 18 😉

Shibata Kenji needs more screen time. Why did you sideline him so often?

Hahahaha, is it really that obvious? I guess when you compare his screen time to Mamoru, Mizuki, and Sera, he doesn’t have much huh? The answer is pretty simple I think. Out of all my characters from this particular story, I consider Kenji to be one of the most developed and strong character of his own merits. He reminds me of Bo Sungwoo from Gorgeous Geek (actually, you guys complain about his lack of screen time too didn’t you XDDD). There isn’t much you can do with his character because he’s already so awesome from the get go. Whereas characters like Rin Hamada, Jordan Greene and the respective Hoshino Mizuki, Inokuma Kimi, they need the screentime to grow and become as awesome. I enjoy writing Kenji a lot too and I’m happy that you guys wish for his happiness as well.

Mizuki/Mamoru is actually my favorite shipping from you. Are they also your preference? Or do you secretly like another shipping better?

It’s not a secret anymore if I answer but it’s almost the end of the story so… whatever! As many of you guys may know, the main pair Soraki/Selena from Spirits Change of Decade end up together. But in my heart, I am a hardcore Takato/Selena fan. It just didn’t work for the plot I was writing up. I can say the same for many other canon pairings I end up with- they are not my personal preference but I can distance myself enough from my writing to make the correct choices for my story. With that being said, that is NOT the case for Warau Tame Ni. Maybe it’s because I invest a lot of time and effort into Mamoru’s character… to the point where I cried in the shower, praying Mamoru will be okay. Maybe it’s because I have to sit down and write both Mizuki and Mamoru’s narration in first person. Maybe it’s because this is the first actual romance I’ve written in my writing career. Whatever the reason may be, MaMizu, as I fondly label them in my head, is my favorite shipping in this story. My second favorite pairing though is Mizuki/Asuka.

You mentioned before that Talise/Rogelio from New Era is considered a “perfect” pairing to you because you created them with the purpose of them being together. Is that the case with Mamoru/Mizuki?

Absolutely not. To be honest, the story you’re reading right now is very different from the original concept in my head. In my original concept, Mamoru manipulates Mizuki’s feelings for him in order to escape from his family and learns how to truly love through Sera’s influence. So, if anything, Sera and Mamoru are created to be together. I truly believe though that this switch is for the best because now that Mizuki is not created to be Mamoru’s soulmate, it creates this realistic element to the story where they do not fit each other well. They have fundamental differences that can easily break their relationship so they have to actually work hard to get past this. Sounds like couples you know in real life huh? People don’t usually have feelings for someone who is perfectly compatible with them and neither does Mamoru. It’s almost all circumstantial. This isn’t From Vain to Dandy guys XD

Speaking of Vain to Dandy, there’s this question… Who is more obsessive towards their love? Jake to Mandy from From Vain to Dandy or Mamoru to Mizuki from Warau Tame Ni?

Jake Parke. I don’t like to compare the two because I don’t want to take anything away from how much they love their girls. They both really love their girls in an obsessive manner. The only reason why I pick Jake over Mamoru is because Mamoru’s love for Mizuki is around the span of 1 1/2 years and during his high school period when hormones play a huge factor. Whereas with Jake, he doesn’t have the hormone excuse since he’s already an adult when he met Mandy. Then, there’s the fact that his unrequited love has lasted over ten years… Yeah, Jake wins. Now, if we’re talking about Dash toward Roseanna from New Era… (On a side note- Are there any females who are that obsessive in any of my stories? Lmao!)

So many Mamoru/Mizuki questions...

So many Mamoru/Mizuki questions…

Will you be writing a 10 years later story for Warau Tame Ni after the story’s end? Similar to the KT/Jamie short story years after their marriage?

I have a pretty clear story in my mind for something like that, especially in regards to Naito Mamoru. Will he accomplish his goals/dreams or no? However, I haven’t decided whether I want to keep that story in my head forever or share it with you guys. It might be a bit too happy and sweet for the atmosphere of Warau Tame Ni.

Who is your favorite character from Warau Tame Ni?

That is always the question, isn’t it? It took me until the last two chapters of Eulalia to admit that my favorite character is indeed Eulalia. Can’t I just say all of them are my favorite characters? No? Darn. Actually, the answer is harder than for Eulalia, which is fairly obvious. In the beginning, my favorite character was Kikuchi Asuka. So badass and funny! Then, it changed to Hoshino Mizuki. Beautiful, yet sad. I liked Shibata Kenji and Shirakawa Naoki a lot for a while because they are strong characters.

Naito9But in the end, I can’t lie to myself anymore. My favorite character by the end of Warau Tame Ni is Naito Mamoru. I’ll be super blunt and say I don’t give a damn by the end whether Mizuki or Sera get their love interests. They can end up with whoever and I’ll be fine with that on a personal level (on a writing level, I do whatever is best for the plot and that’s it. No personal feelings). I mean, look at it this way- will Mizuki be happy with Asuka, Kenji, Rui, Tomoki, or Naoki? Yes! Mizuki’s a flexible character and she can find her own happiness no matter who her partner is. Sera is the same. They are great girls and they are so easy to ship with any guy/girl and get their happy ending. I’m not too worried about them as cold as that may sound.

But it’s not the case for Mamoru. I would sit down with him and ask him, “Mamoru, how can I make you happy? I tortured you for like 99% of the story. Is there any way I can make it up to you? Is there anything I can do for you?” And you know what he said? He said that I can kill him off if I like as long as he can be with Mizuki to the end. I started sobbing and hugging him (in my head). Everything will be alright Mamoru. Don’t you know? I torture you so much because I really like you the best. You may be unhappy with me but that’s okay because I genuinely care about your well-being. You are the only character from this story where I think to myself before I go to sleep, “I hope life improves for Mamoru…” even though it’s my fault XD I hope I never meet a Mamoru clone in real life. I can see myself being unable to leave him alone ever. Mamoru, I hope you like the ending to Warau Tame Ni, as well as all my readers/supporters ❤

Until next time...

Until next time…

And that’s it for the Q & A! If any of you guys need me for any reason, I will be available via Facebook or Text Messaging. I won’t be giving either information publicly in this post, but those who I am close to should have one or the other to communicate with me. If not, you are probably friends with someone (cough Koala bear cough) who can relay the message to me. Again, I deeply apologize for being irresponsible and leaving a lot of projects and stories undone so therefore, I am open to finishing anything I started. It is not an issue at all. However, I will go at my own pace and in between all the time I plan to focus on myself, health-wise and emotionally. I can’t be on the computer as much either so it might take me a while to reply to messages rather than… immediately. With that being said, please do not feel like you’re bothering me by contacting me! Feel free to do so~ Just… I probably won’t be contacting anyone first like I usually do. Isn’t that strange? Again, thank you for everyone’s patience and I hope to return to you all soon. In the meantime, check out this amazing Zessei Bijin dub recently:


P.S. Thank goodness I wrote most of this post before I became too sick to type that many words in a row XD;;