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To Minnie’s Readers,

More Mizuki lookalike pictures ^^

More Mizuki look-a-like pictures ^^

First of all, thank you for all the get well messages from everyone who contacted me thus far. I really appreciate it! I’m sorry for all those I vanished on without telling them anything in person. Please forgive me. That’s just how I am. Whenever I go on break or quit something, I usually leave without saying a word. It’s easier that way because I don’t have to explain myself and feel guilty for leaving. Haha, I’m such a horrible person. But anyways, my health is currently… up and down. What I mean is that every time I recover from one illness, I am all happy and strong for a day, and then, another one hits. This has been happening for two weeks now. I am on the path of recovery by taking the necessary steps so no worries!

The bigger issue is my mental health and that is still on the decline. Although I cannot disclose what my problems are exactly, I can assure everyone that I am struggling through them on my own and will get through this no matter what. Or at least, to a point where I’m content enough to interact with others for long periods of time again. I feel like such a hermit! Though I am trying to become one… In any case, I am back with a short parody to honor the ending of Warau Tame Ni. I have thought about it and decided it will be 19 chapters in all. Two chapters from the end!

Before we move on with the parody, I like to mention that there are two new projects in the works. I know, I know. Half or more of you guys are probably thinking to yourself, “No! Don’t do it Minnie! You’re busy enough as it is! Why do you do this to yourself?” I hate to say this but by being busy, I am able to work at my best, though this is a large part of why I haven’t been able to recover from sickness. So, unless I’m dying in a hospital, I will continue to work at my own pace with all these projects! I love them all and wish I have more hours in a day to work on them. But anyways, moving on, I like to briefly talk about them. Gosh, I hope you guys are half as excited as I am about these new projects!

My first project is with my long-term partner Gracie (Minnuiko unite)~ No title yet except that it’s a shounen one-shot where I’m writing the story and she’s drawing everything for a contest. We’ve worked out the plot sort of and the characters. When it’s completed, I’ll let you guys know~

RekkaMy second project is a solo work (at least for now). It’s called The Flame Matcher or Matcher of Flames. If you guys can’t tell, the title is pending :3 I’m quite excited about this work because it’s more what I’m used to rather than the stuff I’ve been deviating from recently. It’s still different enough from my usual works to hold my interest. But anyways, the details are not done yet and I’m not sure what the setting is yet. Despite that, I have enough to write a summary though!

Sorekka, better known as “Rekka” later, is a pale-skinned, dark-haired, and scrawny transfer student who always wears red. On her first day of school, she announces out loud that “love is stupid and anyone who indulges in that concept are also stupid”. Thanks to this, Rekka is isolated from the rest of her class, much to her relief. But when the popular, romantic, and overly friendly Jerico, better known as “Rico” later, figures out Rekka’s secret ability, he instantly becomes attached to her and decides to be her friend for life, whether she likes it or not. What is Rekka’s secret ability? And what kind of friendship does “Rika” have? NOT A ROMANTIC COMEDY AS USUAL.

Now for the Shoujo Heroine Parodies! Just a couple of my usual heroines put in that setting for fun~

Shoujo heroines are often late for school during their first appearance…
Sensei: Where is Shizuria-san?
Sophie: She’s not here. I think she’s ditching again.
Sensei: Is there a chance she’ll be late?
Sophie: No, not really.
Adabella Shizuria from Spirits would skip school altogether to save the world.

Shoujo heroines are usually innocent, optimistic, and sweet…
Classmate: Ah, it’s Roupeez-san!
Roseanna: *with innocent, big eyes* I know it’s out of your way, Shirakawa-kun, but may you help me carry these books up the stairs?
Classmate: Of course Roupeez-san ❤ Anything for you.
Roseanna’s cuteness is all part of her manipulation.

Shoujo heroines look forward to their first love, usually in middle or high school…
Sorekka: I hate falling in love. Don’t get near me.
Classmates: What a snob.
Classmates: How dare she looks down on relationships *leaves her alone*
Sorekka: Ah… peace is so nice *content*
Sorekka has no such destination in mind.

Shoujo heroines fight and win through with persistence and endurance!
Eulalia: So noisy.
Brice: Vivien went missing…
Eulalia: She’s eighteen. She can fend for herself.
Brice: But you’re her roommate!
Eulalia: Sleepy…
Brice: What if it were Etchi?
Eulalia: Zzzzzzz…
Eulalia doesn’t give a damn. Giving up is easier.

Shoujo heroines usually end up with the jerkface.
Theresa: Urm, so, Carey, you’ve always been there for me so I want to be there for you this time.
Carey: Does this mean…
Theresa: Yes, let’s work through this together!
Carey: I’m so happy!
Theresa came close but not close enough.

And with that, look forward to the next chapter of Warau Tame Ni coming up really soon! Hopefully… within this week or the next… or something like that. Please don’t kill me ^___^

P.S. Usually, it takes me half a day to finish a post like this but thanks to my medical condition, it actually took around a week (slightly more) to finish this post. FML XD