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To Minnie’s Readers,

Hello everyone! My name is Catherine. With Minnie’s permission, I am here with a fun post comparing the romances of Warau Tame Ni and Eulalia. You’re probably wondering- why these two stories in particular? The word of God (Minnie) says that besides her incomplete fantasy novel Spirits Remake, Warau Tame Ni and Eulalia are the only two stories under her belt that are heavily romantic. Apparently, Sweet Hearts is a crack story that should not be taken seriously in terms of romance. I have read all of the above novels to their latest chapter and unlike many other Eulalia fans, the love triangle of Brice x Eulalia x Etchi never caught my interest. I don’t give a **** who Eulalia ends up with. Honestly, she should have ended up with no one, but that’s a rant for another day. On the contrary, I haven’t loved a pairing as much as Mamoru x Mizuki since Lucas x Ada from the older version of Spirits (I LOVE THE NEW VERSION OF ADALU TOO BUT NOT ENOUGH SCREEN TIME YET T_T) and Kristian x Rin from Gorgeous Geek (KRISRIN FOR LIFE IDC WHAT ANYONE ELSE SAYS). So, why is Eulalia‘s love story so meh, especially compared to, in my opinion, Warau Tame NiWarning: Please don’t take anything I’m about to say too seriously. I’m not here to bash Eulalia. I love Eulalia too… as a growing up story.


Let’s start off with this awesome picture that pretty much summaries my argument.  Minnie/Marissa were nice enough to make this for me ❤

MamoruBriceMemeDon’t get me wrong! I’m no Brice hater and I’m sooo not a Mamoru fangirl either. Both are faulty, kind of ****ed up male leads. Look at these guys! Brice is this snobby, entitled introvert who thinks he’s the shizz and Mamoru is this angry sociopath who dreams about killing people for fun. Again, these ain’t the sweetest guys to have as your main lead. No Mr. Nice Guy here. No freaking saintly Jin Song (and for the record, even Jin has a dark side!! That’s why we all love him!). If anything, these are the types of guys Minnie specializes in! Think of Lucas Yeung (drool) from Spirits Remake! The dude seduces and rapes women to prove a ****ing point and is Minnie’s poster boy character to this day!

The truth of the matter is… who really wants to read about cutie pies falling in love anyways? Can you imagine how boring a focused love story between Carey Melton and Theresa Alonso is for Sweet Hearts? Oh God. The torture. I guess Jin is an exception (why is he like the exception to so many rules?). But even then, his girlfriend is the nasty, selfish evil mastermind Jezebelle. Ah, now I get why Jez exists in Gorgeous Geek. Point is guys like Lucas, Mamoru, and Brice are the ones we want to read about. How do these ****ed up guys fall in love? And what kind of girls are able to lure these types of guys in the first place?

Even with only a couple of chapters out, Lucas/Adabella is the most canon pairing in any of Minnie's works for a good reason.

Even with only a couple of chapters out, Lucas/Adabella is the most canon pairing in any of Minnie’s works for a good reason.

Spirits Remake has a huge advantage over Warau Tame Ni and Eulalia. It takes place in a different universe. If the romance fails, hey at least there’s the political and adventure aspect of it to keep us interested. Adabella and Lucas are such badass, interesting characters by themselves that they don’t really need to get together to make them more epic. No one but hardcore shippers will be too upset if they decide to go the friendship route in this new version of Spirits (Minnie, please don’t torture us like that…). Like everyone else reading Spirits, I’m waiting for that moment when they finally get together because it has to happen or else Locke doesn’t exist. And Minnie won’t kill Locke off, will she? But yeah, the couple is pretty much set whether the romance will be prominent or not in the story. Off topic: my personal theory is these two are so prideful and stubborn that neither will ever admit their feelings first so someone like Alvin will trick them into being in a relationship! And then, they’ll both be like “Ah, it’s not that bad. Let’s continue this since it’s too much of a bother to break up” when they are secretly on the inside TOTALLY HAPPY. ANYONE AGREE WITH THIS?

Sadly, Minnie can’t opt out like that with the other two romances. From the beginning, Eulalia x Etchi (with Brice losing) and Mizuki x Mamoru (with Sera and Naoki losing) are not “set” like AdaLu. It is her job as a writer to convince us why we should cheer and more importantly, care for her canon pairings. Because both Eulalia and Warau Tame Ni are modern novels and heavily focused on people’s relationships with each other, she can’t hide the romance behind adventure and politics like with Spirits Remake either. So, maybe it’s just me but Warau Tame Ni comes off as a successful romance where Minnie has learned her lesson from the failure of a romance in Eulalia. I know failure is a harsh word but I can’t find another word to describe how much I don’t give a **** for either pairings in Eulalia. It has all the right formula for a good romance. It has an awesome heroine in Eulalia. It has two vastly different men for  her to pick from. What happened?! Maybe it’s because the intention is not romance from the start? Still, it’s still disappointing nevertheless… more so when you get to witness Minnie writing romance seriously AKA WARAU TAME NI!

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Why is Warau Tame Ni soooo much better than Eulalia? Aside from the fact that Mamoru is just sooooo much better than Brice? Let’s be honest here. If Eulalia never get together with either Brice or Etchi, we’ll still care about what happens to Eulalia right? We’ll still read to find out more about her right? She’s just that amazing. Her character draws you in and forces you to beg for more. That’s why Eulalia sucks as a romance, but is totally a masterpiece as a growing up story. It’s like Gorgeous Geek. People are so hung up on Rin’s romance and Jin’s power struggles that they bash the ending where Rin ends up with no one and Jin fails to become the king of the school system. Hello? If you haven’t figured it out yet, the ending is very simple- Jin understands that HIGH SCHOOL DON’T MEAN ANYTHING AND HE IS BETTER THAN THAT. It’s a growing up story! So is Eulalia!

But wait. If Eulalia is a growing up story, why are you hating on it? How can you compare its romance to Warau Tame Ni, an actual romance? I can because guess what? Warau Tame Ni is a growing up story, too! Minnie NEVER writes pure romances. Never ever ever. She’s an unromantic feminist who wants to change how people look at other people (especially women towards other women). That’s always been her forte and focus. Any good romance you get from Minnie is a BONUS. That’s why Warau Tame Ni is sooo good because not only is it a growing up story, it has one of the best romances I’ve read. Eulalia has the foundation for an excellent romance, but practically throws it away for the sake of psychological drama where everyone wants to slap Brice across the face (aside from the Brice fans, no offense).

The reason I praise Warau Tame Ni‘s romance is because there is never an instance I don’t care about Mamoru x Mizuki as a couple. If Warau Tame Ni ends with them not staying together after all that drama and heartache, the story fails for me. Worst story ever. That’s how prominent and important their relationship is. You can’t not talk about Warau Tame Ni without talking about the relationship between Mamoru and Mizuki. Just not possible. You can’t not feel like throwing your laptop at the wall when Mamoru leaves Mizuki alone YET AGAIN or when Mizuki rejects Mamoru’s feelings YET AGAIN. I am so emotionally invested in this ship that I feel like if these two are not happy, I’m not happy either. And I will throw more ****. Mamoru and Mizuki love each other. Mamoru and Mizuki grow as characters because of each other. Mamoru and Mizuki bring the best and worst out of each other. There’s no Mamoru if there’s no Mizuki and vice versa. Why can’t they just get married and have kids already? WHY SO COMPLICATED?!!

I know you’re insecure and I’m insecure, too,
but isn’t that precisely why I need to be even stronger and more dependable so you don’t have to feel that way anymore?

MAMORU!!! That’s a real romance for you. Not this… stupid, egotistic game Brice plays to get Eulalia’s attention where he insults her, stalks her, and pretends that he doesn’t want to jump her… that he’s such a nice guy and therefore, what the hell is wrong with this girl for not becoming his friend~? Urm, Brice, are you sure it’s not because Eulalia can sense that you’re nothing but some creep? And that the fact that her actual boyfriend Etchi, who may be a douchebag in every way possible and has a million issues, is so much better than you? At least, he actually has a life where he works unlike you who can only study and follow a short Hispanic girl around with the pretense of friendship. Oops. I said too much. I swear, I don’t hate Brice that much.

What about Etchi x Eulalia then? How does that romance compare to Mamoru x Mizuki? First of all, that doesn’t even count because a lot of ExE “chemistry” and “history” is off-screen (is it any wonder no one pairs Talise and Locke up? Locke/Black and Locke/Padma for life!) and before Eulalia even starts. Plus, the focus of Eulalia is Brice, not Etchi. If anything, Etchi is written as the rival to the main character, which is Brice. Even if I am to compare, E x E doesn’t hold a candle to M x M (see what I did there?). They are both obsessive couples and share a lot of similarities. But unlike Etchi, Mamoru changes to a better person because of Mizuki. Mizuki also grows up a lot because of how much she loves Mamoru. Sure, Eulalia goes through that type of development too thanks to Etchi and Brice, but can we really say Etchi change at all thanks to Eulalia? If we’re going to go there, can’t we say that Brice change MORE as a person because he met Eulalia? But they’re not together? Also, can’t we also argue that Eulalia STUNTS Etchi’s development? How can that couple possibly compare to M x M? It’s not a contest of which couple is more obsessive and even if it is, Mamoru wins in that department by a mile. Read his arc/perspective and every other sentence is about Hoshino Mizuki. Come on. Mamoru is seriously contending against Brice for the most stalkerish guy in Minnie’s story here (along with Jake Parke from From Vain to Dandy) ! The real difference is Mamoru actually TRIES TO BE A DECENT HUMAN BEING and SUCCEEDS FOR THE MOST PART.

2 (5)A lot of readers like to pick on Mizuki, saying stuff like how she doesn’t love Mamoru enough and she doesn’t really do much to win Mamoru over unlike Sera, and it’s understandable. The argument that is. She’s easy to pick apart when she’s more passive than the average Minnie heroine. I get that. I hear all this before back when Theresa is in the spotlight. I actually think Mizuki is more like Jamie from Sweet Hearts than Theresa. Remember how Jamie demonstrates how much she loves Kimchi by always making his dinner even when he’s out partying and drinking? How she always keeps his apartment clean but is never appreciated? Isn’t Mizuki similar? She might not be running out there and declaring her love all the place like Sera or some other females we know (cough Megami cough), but there’s no question that Mizuki loves Mamoru more than Sera or anyone else in that story. She just has a more quiet, arguably mature way, of showing it.

“But he’s so expressive,” says Mizuki as she rotates the can without even thinking about it. “You should have seen him when he found out I made his bento really cute. You can really tell what he thought of that idea through his speech, his behavior, and his face.”

Back to that stupid argument that Mizuki doesn’t love Mamoru enough. I get it. Mizuki rejects Mamoru all the time. She pushes him away constantly. If you mistake that to mean she doesn’t care for him, you need to go and reread the story. It’s precisely BECAUSE she loves him that she rejects him. She doesn’t want him to lose himself and rely on her all the time. She wants him to fix his life first. To Mizuki, Mamoru’s well-being and dreams are more important than some high school romance, even if it is between them. Isn’t that better than some naive brat (cough Sera cough) who keeps pushing her feelings upon him? ALSO, this is strictly MY opinion but isn’t it about time we are treated to a heroine who isn’t selfish, bratty, and super willful? Sure, Mizuki doesn’t fit into our 21st century mindset of a strong girl… but she’s unbelievably strong IMO especially after all the crap she has to go through. Again, read the story.

More Mamoru x Mizuki courtesy of Kai

More Mamoru x Mizuki courtesy of Kai

HOLY ****. That’s a long rant. I FINALLY GOT ALL THAT OFF MY CHEST!! Phew… At the end of the day, I can say that even if Brice got together with Eulalia instead of Etchi, that romance is nothing compared to the likes of Mamoru and Mizuki. I care more about Warau Tame Ni‘s couple since Mizuki’s arc (chapter 3?) than all 30 chapters of Eulalia combined. Gosh, I can’t wait to read the last two chapters of Warau Tame Ni where we get a glimpse of Mamoru x Mizuki as a couple. Knowing Minnie, it will break my heart because they probably won’t get a happy ending. Mamoru will **** up somehow or Mizuki will leave him due to her maturity kicking in again. This cycle must end! The tone of the story sets it up to be a tragedy. BUT LET’S HOPE OTHERWISE. WE ALL WANT MAMORU AND MIZUKI TO BE HAPPY >___< Eh, yeah, that’s my little rant. I love Eulalia. It’s an awesome story and Eulalia/Jordan/Casey are awesome characters. The message of going against what society thinks of you is awesome, too! But if you’re looking for a serious romance you can cheer for and invest in, Warau Tame Ni is definitely a better story in that department.

Want to debate/argue/agree?! Leave a comment here or with Minnie and I’ll reply back to you with the wrath of a passionate fangirl! BEWARE!!

-Catherine, edited and rewritten by Minnie

P.S. All of this was done over messenger and I just rewrite it into coherent sentences and into a blog format because I think it’s funny and you guys should read it XD -Minnie