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To Minnie’s Readers,

Minnie and her characters are sad WTN is ending...

Minnie and her characters are sad WTN is ending…

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I’m not going to make up excuses this time. It’s the summer and I suck at updating during the summer. I’m going to a new university and apartment this upcoming fall quarter though so I’m not sure how busy I’ll be. Hopefully not so busy that I have no time to type for you guys though! I’ll try to be more active then! Until then, please read and enjoy this peace offering of a chapter! This is Chapter 18 of Warau Tame Ni~ There is only one chapter left (or is it two? I feel like my estimation is usually off by one or two chapters…)! I’m sure you guys are probably aware of this already; I take a long time to finish the last chapter because I’m not very good at letting stories go. Let’s see how long it’ll take me to finish this one up hm? However, I promised myself that I will not publish the first chapter of The Flame Matcher until I am done with Warau Tame Ni. Spirits Remake, Fool’s Paradise, and From Vain to Dandy will slowly get done in the meantime. Things are not looking good for Classy and Cool, to be honest. I will try my best to publish one more chapter since I am over halfway done with it, but chances are it’ll be discontinued like Femme Fury until further notice. Sorry guys! Too many stories! But yeah, my ultimate goal is to finish Warau Tame Ni before August is over. Let’s see how close I hit my goal.

eulalia47As for Eulalia, many of you are probably aware that I got it published a few months ago. A lot of you guys have asked me where you can get a copy of the book. I am in the middle of correcting it and putting up the second edition for sale, probably on Amazon and some other websites. That being said, once the second edition is done and up for sale, I will have to take down all the Eulalia chapters from my blog. The first chapter might still be up for promotional purposes, but all the other ones will be gone for the sake of the book. Please support me by buying a copy of the actual book! A hard copy! Thank you very much! I’ll provide you guys with more information in the near future.