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To Minnie’s Readers,

Long story short, one of my readers asked me what certain characters would say to each other if they owned cell phones like us. He was really talking about Spirits New Era characters, but then, we found this generator that allowed us to create conversations and well, we got carried away from there. Here’s a couple we created for fun and thought it would be fun to share to the rest of you guys~

Click below to see them all!

Warau Tame Ni

IphoneAsukaNaoki IphoneKenjiMamoru IphoneKenjiMizukiIphoneMamizu1 IphoneMamizu2

Gorgeous Geek

IphoneBoRin IphoneJezJin1 IphoneJezJin2 IphoneKrisRin1 IphoneKrisRin2


IphoneEtchiEulalia IphoneEtchiXara IphoneLalaBrice

From Vain to Dandy

IphoneCherryBlaine IphoneJoJake1 IphoneJoJake2 IphoneJustinAngel1 IphoneJustinAngel2


IphoneAdaLu1 IphoneAdaLu2

Sweet Hearts

IphoneKJamie IphoneTheresaKevin

Fool’s Paradise

IphoneGeneIan1 IphoneGeneIan2 IphoneWilJov1 IphoneWilJov2IphoneCandyKarenana1 IphoneCandyKarenana2

Spirits New Era

IphoneJaiSylvia IphonePadmaMel



IphoneRiddleFalina IphoneRogyLocke1 IphoneRogyLocke2 IphoneRogyLocke3A short thank you at the end for all the help I received from my readers! Thank you for helping me with ideas when it comes to Iphone conversations! I appreciate it ❤ This has been one of the funnest posts I’ve published in a while. Look forward to Chapter 19 of Warau Tame Ni coming out soon!