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To Minnie’s Readers,

WTN Couple At Their Best :P

WTN Couple At Their Best Or…?

I will start off with the bad news. As of this moment, my last chapter of Warau Tame Ni is trapped inside a hard drive that may not be retrievable. There’s a chance it may have died completely. I have already finished 40% of it and am kind of upset and sad about the possibility of losing what I’ve already written. My motivation is gone and I will write it at my own pace if the outcome is not favorable. I apologize to all my readers and fans for this. I hope you guys can forgive my selfishness for a while longer.

In the meantime, a lot of my older documents have been uploaded and backed up before the crash happened. One of it being my artist partner, Kai’s birthday present ❤ Today is her birthday and I am very glad I wrote this extra ahead of time or else she will have to do with no birthday present this year XP Happy Birthday, Kai ❤ I love you and here is your Warau Tame Ni Birthday Present! Let’s keep working together for years to come <333


P.S. I will most likely not be putting any more plugs until I can figure out wordpress’s new embed system.