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To Minnie’s Readers,

The Harem Shikkaku Cast! Sketch by Kai and Drawn/Colored by Kurara!

The Warau Tame Ni Cast! Sketch by Kai and Drawn/Colored by Kurara!

I’m sure you guys can guess by me releasing this chapter relatively early that I managed to retrieve the document from my dying laptop. I am so relieved. I really want to hold onto these Kai and Gracie drawings as long as I can 😛 Jokes aside, I am currently typing on my new laptop and I love it! It’s a beautiful work of art picked out by my awesome gay brother, Duke. I feel like I’ll be able to release my chapters even faster with this new laptop that doesn’t shut down every other hour. It should help with my video making as well, if I can get my program to work on this Windows 8~

With that said, you guys are probably wondering what is up with the title of this post, right? I’ll be frank here. My estimation is off again. Next chapter will be the real final chapter! Warau Tame Ni will have twenty-one chapters in all. A lot of you guys are probably thinking to yourselves that I should have worked hard on ending it in twenty chapters since it’s an even number. I know, I know. But I swear after reading this chapter, you guys can see how impossible that is =/ To make up for this confusion, I am releasing the maybe final set of side stories! Please forgive me and enjoy!

Chapter 20: Their Future
Side Stories