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To Minnie’s Readers,

Kai drew this a while ago so I thought I'll share it <3

Kai drew this a while ago so I thought I’ll share it ❤

Hiya guys! I know, I know. This is still not the last chapter and it’s taking me forever to finish this story. Didn’t my goal use to be first day of September? Anyways, I have been busy lately with the US Open, work (well I used to), various video projects, and school activities that it took me a little longer than I anticipated. I admit that a part of me is hesitant in finishing this story because I have to say good-bye to the characters I’ve grown attached to for the majority of this year. I especially love the progress all of them have made from the beginning of the story to the very end. I’m admittedly kind of attached to writing in present tense, too. How am I ever going to go back to past tense? Well, I’ll try at least. But anyways, I don’t know when the last chapter will be out. I have no timeline for it at this moment, but please do enjoy this second to last chapter (or so I hope)!

Chapter 22: His Stepfather

Now, the following are probably stuff you guys are not interested in. But my parents are so I have to write a little about my university life thus far. First of all, I think I managed to do everything I need to do here without hurting anyone or damaging anything. I haven’t tried cooking yet, but everything else is going smoothly. I laugh at the thought that I’ve only been here for a week and already, the fire alarm has been pulled. What is this? High school?

My roommate is super nice, quiet, and knowledgeable- I can’t ask for a better rooming situation. All my friends thus far are eager and fun. The only downside is I have too many and they all want to hang out with me so I have to figure out how to keep my grades up while still enjoying a social life. One of my friends may be able to help me get a job next quarter. I really hope so because I really love working!

Also, I am able to get through my work just fine so far. There’s not a lot so we’ll see. What I do need to watch out for are two things- ants and paper. As you guys all know, I’m an English major and there’s a 10 page limit for printing around here. That is not even close to enough for printing out my readings for class. How do I resolve this issue until my parents can bring me some more printing paper? I’m just hoarding them right now. I get 10 free pieces of paper a day and even if I’m not printing today, I might as well collect them and use them for next time right? You guys should see my stack full of collected paper. Priceless!

Images - 3There are a number of clubs I’m interested in, but I haven’t really committed to any yet. I was supposed to go to Dragonboat today, but my friend missed her alarm and we got there too late. It’s basically rowing on Saturdays I believe. I am really looking forward to trying this out, mostly so I can work on my arm muscles. Other than that, there’s a Tennis Club I’m interested in. The problem is… my racket is at home with my parents. I can’t really play tennis without a racket and my tennis skirt right? It sucks but I may have to pass on this one until maybe next year after I trained a little bit.

Also, I am aware that there’s an anime club on campus. I really want to check it out once in a while but man, they keep not putting the room numbers on any of their ads. Where am I supposed to go? I don’t want to put in the extra work here when there are so many other clubs I’m interested in. Other than those main three, there’s a knitting/arts and crafts club on Monday. I will go and see their first meeting. There’s some magazine club on Tuesday and I’m planning to at least attend this upcoming meeting with a friend. Honestly, I was invited to the Vietnamese American Club, but dude, I don’t want to seriously join it. It’s already enough that I’m Vietnamese. Do I really have to get involved with more Vietnamese people? XD I love us and all but give me a break~

There are a couple of other clubs that interest me that I’m not listing here. However, unless I seriously commit to them, I don’t see why I should announce them here because they’re pretty low on my maybe list. I really want to put all my time and effort into at least one club though. I’ll never get this sort of opportunity again really. That and the study abroad program which I am definitely interested in participating in if my parents let me. And aside from all what I already said, I am eating well and sleeping little (though I’m not that tired or sleepy yet…) but campus life has been very enjoyable thus far. It’s probably only like this because my efficient, organized, and regimented personality comes in handy at times like this. Oh, that and being socially competent. I need to work on the self-sufficiency though XD Let’s see if that set of skills will come to me soon ❤ Thanks for reading all that~