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To Minnie’s Readers,

Genderbent Mizuki and Asuka by Kai~!

Genderbent Mizuki and Asuka by Kai~!

If all goes well, the last chapter of Warau Tame Ni will be out late this week or early next week! In the meantime, please check out the last popularity results as well as one special message at the end!

Final Popularity Results + Minnie Commentary~

5) Shirakawa Naoki

I know that by the end, Naoki is sort of just there to support everyone, but isn’t that precisely the type of character he is throughout the story? In writing Naoki, I want to prove that shotas aren’t there to look cute like some mascot character. There’s not a lot to say about him except that his struggles between his love for Mizuki and his love for Mamoru drive a good chunk of the plot for me. Personally, I find it hard to dislike Naoki. He’s so sweet and selfless, but at the same time, not to be underestimated. The amount of spunk he’s shown in a couple of scenes should attest to that. Otherwise, I’m quite content with how things worked out for him.

4) Kikuchi Asuka

He or she? Who cares! Asuka is Asuka and she is awesome. Asuka reminds me a bit of Cherry aka Nicki Chantelle from From Vain to Dandy. That is not the reason why I like Asuka so much. Asuka is the voice of reason of the cast. But isn’t it interesting how as the story continues on she becomes less and less detached to everything? Of course, those of you who read to the end knows that Asuka actually grows to be more emotional/less logical as her feelings for Mizuki starts to blossom. Not everything in life can be explained through logic and Asuka learns that the hard way, haha. If I write an AU of WTN ever, I want Asuka and Mizuki to get together.

3) Hoshino Mizuki

There is a lot I can say about Mizuki, but I won’t. A lot of my readers complain that she’s too passive compared to the majority of my heroines. I agree. However, I would like to point out that the culture in which this story takes place in is the main reason why Mizuki is like that. That and she contrasts with Mamoru so well. I don’t personally love Mizuki as a reader, but I enjoy her a lot as a writer. Her abandonment issues are some of the most interesting concepts I get to write and play around with. It’s nice once in a while to write a heroine that is not so headstrong and knows exactly what she wants all the time. More importantly than Mizuki herself, her relationship with Mamoru really pushes me to my limits sometimes. I’m as frustrated as you guys whenever these two are being dumb~

2) Shibata Kenji

Throughout the first half of the story, Kenji is undoubtedly everyone’s favorite or second favorite. For a character who has so little screen time compared to the other three major characters, Kenji sure is loved and for a good reason. I have made this comparison before but Kenji plays the Bo Sungwoo role of WTN. He is a well-developed character even before the first chapter. Unlike everyone else who undergoes character development, Kenji’s main focus is relationship development. I mean, in the end, isn’t it obvious that he’s become friends with the rest of the cast, including Mamoru in a sense? Kenji’s also the mentor character who observes the drama and dishes out advice. Not quite expected of the play boy eh? My biggest regret is not being able to flesh out further the relationship between Kenji and Sera.

1) Naito Mamoru

What is there left to say about Mamoru really? I had a feeling he’ll be the most popular character by the end of the story for obvious reasons. Writing his perspective was the most fun and agonizing experience I have had throughout this entire journey. His pain, his suffering, his story… I feel them all as if I’m Beni and he’s my younger brother. I want to reach out to him and help him, but at the same time, I know that if he’s rescued, there’ll be no story left. It’s a growing up story and Mamoru’s life is especially difficult. I assume that by Mamoru being the favorite character of this story that you guys approve of my depiction of his hardships~ In the future, if I have time, I will write more short stories about this gang, especially Mamoru. There are actually sides to Mamoru that I haven’t explored yet, believe it or not. It’s another regret of mine for not being able to write his lighter side amidst the main work. Oh well~ He’ll always have a place close to my heart.

A sketch of TK by Gracie~

A sketch of TK by Gracie~

As many of you guys are aware, I am the producer of an online chorus group call Zessei Bijin! You can check us out HERE. We’ve been around for almost three years now and still counting! One of our original group members is a certain young lady name Tonkhai or TK for short because her name is pronounced “Ton-Khai” (nickname by none other than Gracie~). She will be debuting as a singer in Japan under Sony. Yes, she’s a foreigner singing in Japanese! Isn’t that pretty cool? Unfortunately, her debut single is pretty expensive for a lot of her fans who live oceans away from England to Brazil… so if you guys can donate any amount of money into this fundraiser run by my dear friend, Buggy, I really appreciate it! Buggy is also a member of ZB! as well as a friend I am quite close to; I promise your donations are going to a safe place! Thank you very much for your time and yes, I know… I need to write, haha. Check out this link for more details on how to donate! Again, thank you guys for always supporting my writing and everything else~