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To Minnie’s Readers,

Write, write, and write some more!

Write, write, and write some more!

Because of NaNoWriMo, I might actually get stuff done… hopefully! Because of that, I am releasing some more information about six new characters you’ll encounter from my pending two new releases, “Rekka and Rico” and “Dance Off“!

First of all, the title “Rekka and Rico” is not official yet. It is my temporary title until I can think of a more fitting one (I thought of “The Red Knot” but I wonder if that’s too plain?). The reason I say more fitting is because this title still sounds too much like a comedy in my head. This story is not a comedy! Another major reason is because it makes it sound like Sorekka and Jerico are both main characters or share a dual dynamic similar to Roseanna Roupeez and Locke Xieng of New Era. However, without revealing the plot of the story, I can say that this is not the case. Sorekka is the main character of the story and every other recurring character, like Jerico, are major characters. Now that I’m done explaining that, a better look at the characters of “Rekka and Rico“!

Sorekka aka “Rekka”


Except Rekka has red eyes, longer eyelashes, and wears a red dress~

Age: 15
Hair Color: Black/Dark Blue (to be decided)
Eye Color: Red
Personality Type: INTP
Family Status: Orphan
Opinion on Love: “Real love doesn’t exist.”

Sorekka is practical to the point of obsession. She doesn’t believe in anything she doesn’t experience or understand herself. She hates getting involved with other people and wants to live her life quietly. There are so many mysteries surrounding her life and her ability that there are times she even questions her own existence.

“Is he your boyfriend?”
“Who? Rico?”
“Yeah, him.”
“Heh. That’s kind of extreme.”
“He’s my best friend.”
“Oh? Friend zoned?”
“Yeah. He forced me to be his best friend.”

Jerico aka “Rico”


Except Rico is tanner and has longer hair~

Age: 15
Hair Color: Platinum Blonde/Silver
Eye Color: Green
Personality Type: ESFP
Family Status: One younger sister, a mother, a father
Opinion on Love: “I believe in true love!”

The opposite of Sorekka, Jerico is a romantic and optimistic idealist. He wants to believe in miracles and the supernatural. Outgoing, friendly, talkative, and affectionate, Jerico makes friends with everyone he meets. Jerico wishes to live life to the fullest and helps everyone else to achieve the same, even strangers.

“Sure, some friendships happen by chance and those are nice, too. But man, nothing beats that moment when you watch that special person enter the room… and you just know it— that girl there is my buddy and she’s stuck with me for the rest of her life.”
“Rico, stop.”
“Eh? Why?”
“I don’t need to know. That’s creepy.”

Yuerui aka “Yue” or “Rui”


Except Rui has dark red eyes~

Age: 17
Hair Color: Gold/Light Bronze
Eye Color: Red-Brown
Personality Type: INFP
Family Status: A mother
Opinion on Love: “Love is suffering.”

There is not much known about Yuerui except that he hates his name and might be able to answer some of Sorekka’s questions about who she is. Though Jerico often compares Yuerui to Sorekka, Yuerui acknowledges that they are completely different people. He believes he carries a far greater burden than her.

“Hey! I finally get to meet the infamous Yuerui!”
“So, besides interfering with Rekka, what do you do for fun?”
“I’m going to say this once so listen carefully- I don’t participate in idle chatter.”
“What? Idle chatter? Are you for real? So, you won’t talk to me if you think it’s pointless?”
“Wow. You’re even worse than Rekka and that’s saying a lot.”

Dance Off” is a webcomic I’ll be working with one of my artist partners! The official release date hasn’t been decided yet, similar to “Rekka and Rico“. I hope that by releasing some information about the characters, both my artist and I will be more motivated to get this done with! If anything, it will be out January next year, but we’ll see! Hopefully, this project works out~ Here are the three major characters of “Dance Off“!

Dance Off 02

Suguru, Haruka, and Shouki from front to back

Kurosu Suguru

The media’s poster boy for competitive dance, mostly due his looks and personality. Suguru is featured in commercials, magazines, and posters everywhere for competitive dancing. Though he is the highest paid dancer of his age group, he is not considered the best dancer. He seemingly has no loyalty to any dance troupes and switches troupes after his one to two year contracts with them are over. He believes he’s an individual brand and tries to be bigger than dance itself.

Things Suguru might say:
“Enlighten me.”
“I create opportunities for myself.”
“I earned my sense of entitlement.”
“Do you think it’s easy being Kurosu Suguru?”
“Stop lying to yourself. I’m a diva. You’re a diva. We’re all divas and the world loves us for it.”
“I’d rather betray the media than give them the opportunity to betray me again.”

Asai Haruka

Though her dance group did not place well, Haruka catches the media’s attention with her breakout performance in the competition last year. They call her the princess of dance and claim that she is well on her way to leaving her name in dance forever. Full of pranks and tricks, Haruka is prepared to go against Suguru joining her dance troupe. The fact that Haruka’s out of control, emotional, and fiercely loyal to Shouki is an unexpected challenge to Suguru.

Things Haruka might say:
“I dance because it’s fun! Why should I dance if it’s not fun anymore?”
“My troupe has an identity and I will fight every day for it.”
“Money, money, money! All you people ever talk about is money!”
“I want to win as much as anyone else, but why does it mean I have to give up on this team?”
“Why do I have to re-create myself to impress people I don’t care about?”
“If I fall, I’d rather fall down kicking and screaming and… preserving my sense of self-worth.”

Nakamura Shouki

To become the centerpiece of a real contending dance team, the leading dancer of his dance troupe must draw every pair of eyes in the audience to him, both on and off the stage. This is not Nakamura Shouki. Shouki only has his love for dancing. If he can go out and dance, that is all he cares about. Nothing else matters. So thanks to that and his mild, nonchalant nature, Shouki is considered a failure in the media’s eyes a couple of years ago by lacking pay and exposure.

Things Shouki might say:
“I’m just a dancer. I dance. I go home.”
“My obligation is with my coach, my team, and myself. I owe the media nothing.”
“I was born in the wrong generation. Dancing is not about dancing anymore.”
“I like her hair. It’s puffy.”
“People like you and Haru-chan are born to be stars. And people like me are born to keep the sky clear for you guys.”
“I leave Haru-chan in your hands.”