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To Minnie’s Readers,

"This picture reminds me of Lucas!" "...Huh I can see it <3"

“This picture reminds me of Lucas!”
“…Huh I can see it ❤ Now, I want to see Lucas in glasses…”

One of my awesome readers (she doesn’t want to reveal her name) has requested this one-shot from me for a while now and well, you guys know how I am with requests. I believe I still owe like 10+ requests from all you guys. I feel so bad when I think about it. I shouldn’t think about it, haha. But anyways, the truth of the matter is I usually eventually finish the requests if I feel inspired for it. Personally, I don’t like to write when I’m not inspired or motivated– the words sound kind of forced to me. Anyways, her birthday passed pretty recently (er two months ago recently? XD) and I got some inspiration from one of my classes so despite my busy schedule, here is a sweet short one-shot called Honeysuckle~ By the way, her request is a Spirits Remake one-shot of AdaLu where they’re actually sweet to each other. Not too big of a challenge surprisingly since all I really need to write is them dating XP This one-shot is NON-CANON. I may use some of the idea in the story, but nothing to this extreme, okay?

Lastly, a huge, late thanks to my partner Gracie for that fabulous AdaLu background~ Let’s hope I can finish the next chapter of this story soon! Next up will probably be a one-shot from Harem Shikkaku or Warau Tame Ni! Look forward to that! Maybe a chapter update from one of the other stories, too? ^_^