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To Minnie’s Readers,

The whole One Heart gang is back in one chapter!

The whole One Heart gang is back in one chapter!

You guys read the title of this post correctly! After a year without any updates on this story (since NaNoWriMo of last year??), I am back with Chapter 24 with the One Heart gang! Mandy Monroe and her boys are back in action! Aren’t you guys happy to read their lovely characters again? Jokes aside, I am almost certain that Chapter 25 will also be released later this month. I hope that even after November, I will continue to update this story. It’s a long story (I am estimating around 50 chapters or more) so the faster I get these chapters, the sooner it’ll be done! With that said, I am determined to finish my script for “Dance Off” and my first chapter of “The Red Knot” (yes, I think I am going to go with this title instead of “Rekka and Rico“) by this month. I have a couple of articles and one-shots to write, too~ I hope you guys look forward to all these writings I’m planning to release when they’re out. You guys are some of the best readers in the world, at least to me~


P.S. I am aware of all the talks that erupted from me introducing Yuerui into “The Red Knot“. Admittedly, it’s a risky move on my part so we’ll see how it goes!