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To Minnie’s Readers!

The most famous thoughtful bf Jin Song with gf Jezebelle drawn by Gracie~

The most famous thoughtful bf Jin with Jezebelle from GG drawn by Gracie~

Hi guys! I wanted to write a short one-shot for the holiday season but I ran out of time due to other business. Happy holidays though! Hope you guys are looking forward to the next year! I know I am despite it being my unlucky year, according to my parents. Anyways, despite being unproductive in terms of updates this year, I want to take the time to say that unlike the end of last year, I am not holding up the white flag this time. I am prepared to continue writing without hesitation for next year~ :3 Please keep supporting me guys! Thank you ❤

Yesterday, I went shopping with a close friend of mine. She had been with her boyfriend for a month now and she was picking out his Christmas gift. It was one of the hardest tasks she had to go through this year. I thought about it and realized that the majority of the boyfriends (or at least guys who end up being boyfriends in my stories) would not have this problem. Instead, the girls would be more like my friend, which is hilarious~ So I thought I write a quick post with scenarios of some of the beloved, thoughtful boyfriends of my stories! Let’s go from oldest to newest!

The ultimate thoughtful bf Rogelio with Talise from New Era~

The ultimate thoughtful bf Rogelio with Talise from New Era, also drawn by Gracie~

Spirits New Era

Rogelio: Happy Goddess Day, sweetheart!
Talise: …What is this?
Rogelio: I baked you a cake.
Talise: I hate sweets.
Rogelio: A spicy cake.
Talise: I’m pregnant.
Rogelio: I took that into account. Everything in this cake is perfectly healthy for our twins. And I even include a sharp knife so you can try to kill me if you like.
Talise: You know I can’t kill you.
Rogelio: I won’t dodge today… just for you my love.
Talise: Aren’t you Mr Perfect? Let me grab my bow instead!
Rogelio: Oh! Look at the engraving!
Talise: …”Happy Goddess Day to the mother of my children from Rogelio Roupeez”…
Rogelio: Do you like it, my dear? I even carved some new arrows for you.
Talise: Awesome. Stand still while I engrave my name into your heart, dearest!

Gorgeous Geek

Jin: Merry Christmas, Fi!
Jezebelle: Yes, yes, I know.
Jin: Here’s your present!
Jezebelle: I didn’t get you one, dummy.
Jin: Seeing you every day is the best present.
Jezebelle: Ew, gross. Wait a second. The fuck?
Jin: You don’t like it, Fi?
Jezebelle: …All the seasons of America’s Next Top Model…
Jin: Look at the card, Fi! Two tickets to the Superbowl!
Jezebelle: Oh my fucking god! But who should I ask to go with me?? Bo Sungwoo? Alejandro? Wendy? Maybe Kristian Shiratori? Blaine West!
Jin: What about me, Fi??? T__T


Etchi: Aw, Layla! You didn’t have to get me a bag full of coffee beans!
Eulalia: You need energy for work so…
Etchi: Seriously. This is the best Christmas present anyone’s ever given me.
Eulalia: Liar. You have lots of admirers.
Etchi: But this is a present from Layla! Nothing beats that!
Eulalia: Who knows…
Etchi: Oh, if you’re looking for your present, it’s not here.
Eulalia: Too busy?
Etchi: Er, no… It’s outside. I grew you a garden to take care of.
Eulalia: …I love you Ken-Ken.

From Vain to Dandy

Blaine: Merry Christmas, Simi!
Simone: You are going to be perfect as usual.
Blaine: Please, Simi. You are underestimating me.
Simone: How do you beat perfect??
Blaine: Nothing is impossible for me. You should know that by now. I overcame my perfection from last year.
Simone: …
Blaine: Do you want to snap your fingers or should I? Everything you said you wanted from New Years to now… I took note of them all. Just one sound Simi and every object at the mall you ever wished for will be in your hands soon enough.
Simone: I swear… does any other woman in the world have this problem but me??

Spirits (REMAKE)

Adabella: Lucas, you bought me… a dress?
Lucas: Incorrect, Ada. This is no ordinary dress.
Adabella: I must be blind. Enlighten me.
Lucas: Very well. I tailored this dress to your every need.
Adabella: Such as?
Lucas: For one, it’s waterproof. Now every time I throw you off my ship, you can’t whine about damaging your dress anymore.
Adabella: You should not be throwing a lady into the ocean in the first place!
Lucas: Remember all those times we have to run away from the Officers?
Adabella: Because of you!
Lucas: You may now shorten the length of this dress by pulling it up like this…
Adabella: Oh Goddess Alika.
Lucas: It can’t be damaged by climbing trees either and I know how much you love that stupid hobby of yours.
Adabella: It is not a hobby! Hold on. This dress has a hidden pocket…
Lucas: For your sword of course.
Adabella: Captain, why did you not give me jewelry like any ordinary man on this day?
Lucas: You don’t like it, woman?!
Adabella: No, but now I feel guilty… I only bought you a book.

Warau Tame Ni

Mizuki: I still find it odd that we should meet up somewhere outside when we live together, Ma-kun.
Mamoru: It gives off more of a couple feel than a married couple feel, you know?
Mizuki: I don’t mind the married couple feel.
Mamoru: That’s a low blow, Mizu-chan.
Mizuki: How?
Mamoru: Forget it. Here. Just take it.
Mizuki: Oh, yes! Our first time exchanging gifts as more than friends. Thank you very much, Ma-kun.
Mamoru: These rings…
Mizuki: You bought these couple’s rings we saw the other day, too?
Mamoru: Great. Now we have two pairs of the same rings.
Mizuki: Hehe.
Mamoru: We’re keeping mine. You’re returning yours. And that’s final. I won’t hear any disagreements from you.
Mizuki: We are more in sync today than we have been. Merry Christmas, Ma-kun.
Mamoru: Merry Christmas to you too, Mizu-chan.

I am behind in all my writing at the moment, but I hope to at least release something soon. I’m not sure exactly what yet. I feel so unmotivated for my new story The Red Knot that I think anything but that will be up. It can be Fool’s Paradise randomly for all I know~ Maybe a one-shot I should finish already? In any case, I hope to at least release something for you guys before I go back to school. It’ll be a busier quarter than last time but maybe by being busy, I’ll write more? We can hope! Haha. Thank you for reading my scenarios above~ They always hope motivate me somewhat :3