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To Minnie’s Readers,

A picture of the latest popular pair Mandy Monroe and Nicki Chantelle~

A picture of the latest popular pair Mandy Monroe and Nicki Chantelle~

Due to popular demand and me not writing From Vain to Dandy for a while, here is a quick scene for all the Nindy/Macki/Chandy fans:

Mandy: Nicki! You showed up!
Nicki: You asked me to go to the gym with you after work. I would never be that rude and leave you here waiting by yourself.
Mandy: I thought you weren’t coming because you didn’t answer any of my texts!
Nicki: I was driving.
Mandy: Oh, thank goodness. I thought something might have happened to you!
Nicki: Dummy. What happened to your superior reasoning skills? Your deduction abilities? Someone as perfect as you can figure this out in a second.
Mandy: Nicki hates me.
Nicki: Sure because I drove all the way here to your gym because I hate you.
Mandy: Of course because Nicki is a nice person.
Nicki: I get it. I’m sorry for not replying. I’ll be more considerate next time. Even if you are perfect, I shouldn’t expect and rely on you to know exactly what to do. Logically, there was a chance I might have gotten into an accident.
Mandy: I’ll try harder to read the situation better next time! I swear!
Nicki: No, no, it’s fine. You don’t have to be perfect with me. As long as you don’t try to manipulate my feelings and communicate openly with me and vice versa, everything will work out, I’m sure.
Mandy: Nicki! You are the best! I’m sorry too… for overreacting and sending you fifty texts within half an hour…
Nicki: Yeah… please don’t do that. My texting abilities are nothing compared to yours. It’ll take me ages to even reply to one. Please remember this for the future for both of our sakes.
Mandy: Tehe~ Oh Nicki! To me, you’ll always be perfect!
Nicki: Now, be cute and don’t make working out into a competition. I’m not one of your men, you know. Just an ordinary girl trying to burn some calories.
Mandy: Aw boo.

I know Steve enjoyed that 😛 Anyways, on a more serious note, I don’t know how many of you remember this, but I announced that I might quit writing today last year. You can read the post about it here if you really want. Anyways, I am happy to announce to you today that I will not be quitting anytime soon. Although I am still open to the idea of returning to earth and accepting the reality of a struggling writer, I want to simply enjoy writing for another year. If I can’t publish as a professional writer, I want to at least escape into my hobby now and then. My life has changed drastically since I’ve decided to live in an apartment on my own and attend university without my parents’ watchful eyes, but at the same time, I feel even more connected to writing than before. I long for the days I can sit down and write because of all the work I handle for university. I appreciate writing so much more when I read all these interesting works for class. Anyways, I am not going away, at least for another year. Let’s welcome this new year together everyone! Before then, let’s look at all the progress I’ve made with writing this past year!

Sorekka is not amused for not being written this year XD

Sorekka is not amused for not being written this year XD

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I am not ashamed to say this but I actually completed 9/20 of my resolutions from last year. Not bad at all, right? Most people I know aim for 1-2, haha. This year, I will attempt the same! If I can finish at least ten of these for next year, I’ll be a happy young lady! I always want to beat myself every year! I hope my older self don’t mind that I have a couple of similar resolutions from last year~

1) Lose eight more pounds before July 2014
2) Try a new fashion style for myself
3) Drink less soda and alchohol
4) Finish up to Chapter 30 of From Vain to Dandy
5) Start on The Red Knot
6) Attend at least two concerts
7) Learn at least four new cooking recipes
8) Release at least three videos per month for Zessei Bijin!
9) Finish editing Eulalia
10) Maintain a 3.0 GPA for the next three quarters
11) Buy Tales of Symphonia and Dynasty Warriors 8
12) Be even more open-minded/open to trying new things!
13) Finish up Psycho Pass and Kyoukai no Kanata
14) Write at least 5 one-shots for the year
15) Read both Emma and Sense and Sensibility
16) Adapt better time management skills
17) Visit and explore a new place!
18) Write more Spirits Remake
19) Redecorate the blog
20) Work on my physical and mental health