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To Minnie’s Readers,

Roseanna Roupeez and Bruke Lindsey are back!

Roseanna Roupeez and Bruke Lindsey are back!

I’ve been asking around for favorite pairings and stuff so I can write one-shots for you guys… two years ago. Coincidentally, the pairing featured in this one-shot has been requested by two people in the same day… two years ago. It is also my brother Duke’s favorite pairing from Spirits New Era as well, so I thought might as well write this one~ I apologize it’s been so long since I’ve written any serious one-shots. I am not good at finishing one-shots in general XD Anyways, please enjoy this requested New Era One-Shot! This whole one-shot is a crucial chapter I planned on writing in the actual story of Spirits New Era, but as you guys know well, I never got far enough in the story to write this. There are a couple of minor changes in this one-shot to make it more of a standalone story rather than part of a bigger story, but the essential parts are the same.

Here's another picture for good measure~

Here’s another picture for good measure~

Now that this one-shot is done, what are my plans for the future aka the rest of the year? After much discussion with a couple of my readers, I am planning to release a one-shot of The Red Knot before the actual story. You guys might recall I utilized a similar strategy before the first chapter of From Vain to Dandy. I’m hoping to get as positive a reaction as last time :3 Other than that, my plans are to continue From Vain to Dandy from where I left off. It’s getting exciting now, no? But most importantly, I really need to release that Chapter 7 of Spirits Remake. I’ve been stuck on that chapter since forever.. sigh. Anyways, that’s the plan for now! Let me know if you guys want me to write more fun posts on my blog :3 Thank you for your continuous support!