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To Minnie’s Readers,

Yuerui and Sorekka goodness in this one-shot~

Yuerui and Sorekka goodness in this one-shot~

Yup. At long last, the title for my upcoming story is finalized! The Sorekka story is now officially called “The Red Knot“. I am still not done with the first chapter of this story. However, I am releasing a one-shot to see how you guys like the feeling of this new story, similar to the release of a From Vain to Dandy one-shot before the official first chapter. I tried my best not to include any spoilers in this one-shot except for the fact that there are three major characters… which is kind of a spoiler because Yuerui doesn’t appear early in the book. He’s sort of like the Etchi of Eulalia who appears in chapter 4-ish. But his existence is a pretty well-known fact so I think this should be fine~ Please enjoy Sudden Visit One-Shot and keep in mind that this one-shot is NOT canon. I am not sure if these events will actually take place in the universe of the actual story yet so for now, this one-shot will be considered separate from the work itself.

Look out for a couple of more one-shots coming out later this month! This is what happens when I have midterms… I just write more often and actually complete stuff when I usually don’t, haha. Please support my latest group in an upcoming competition soon! I’ll let you guys know about it! Please leave me comments in person or on here if possible~