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To Minnie’s Readers,

The WTN cast!

The WTN cast!

In the past, as most of my hardcore readers are well-aware, I put all my Sweet Hearts chapter into one post like this. Even though that story is down now, I figure I will do the same for Warau Tame Ni since I completed it not too long ago last year. Actually, if anything, I should apologize for taking this long to create this post! For all of you who are catching up or wishing to start on this Japanese story, please help yourself to the links below! Thank you for all the ongoing support!

❀ All The Chapters ❀
♠ Tsukishita Sera’s Arc aka Round 1
Chapters 1-2: http://tiny.cc/nejg0w
♠ Hoshino Mizuki’s Arc aka Round 2
Chapters 3-4: http://tiny.cc/vdjg0w
♠ Shibata Kenji’s Arc aka Round 3
Chapters 5-8: http://tiny.cc/0bjg0w
♠ Naito Mamoru’s Arc aka Round 4
Chapter 9- http://tiny.cc/oajg0w
Chapter 10- http://tiny.cc/e9ig0w
Chapter 11- http://tiny.cc/57ig0w
Chapter 12- http://tiny.cc/a7ig0w
Chapter 13- http://tiny.cc/55ig0w
Chapter 14- http://tiny.cc/70ig0w
Side Story- http://tiny.cc/81ig0w
♠ Finale Arc
Chapter 15- http://tiny.cc/3zig0w
Chapter 16- http://tiny.cc/yyig0w
Chapter 17- http://tiny.cc/zwig0w
Chapter 18- http://tiny.cc/gis61w
Chapter 19- http://tiny.cc/b7122w
Chapter 20- http://tiny.cc/y4122w
Chapter 21- http://tiny.cc/tw4fbx
Chapter 22- http://tiny.cc/1x4fbx
Chapter 23- http://tiny.cc/vy4fbx
Chapter 24- http://tiny.cc/oz4fbx

I did not include the one-shots but if you want to read them, they are under the tag “Warau Tame Ni” for my blog :3 Will there be a sequel? Probably not but I am open to being convinced otherwise~