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To Minnie’s Readers,

My current favorite couple <3

My current favorite couple ❤

How is everyone? I know, I know. It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. I really should clean up my act and read/post more often for you guys. I have been spending way too much time and money on food and friends rather than writing. Bad, Minnie. I’ll work hard to be disciplined like how I used to be. I just need to get back into it! Anyways, this one-shot is as short as the last one so I’m pretty sure you guys must be disappointed, especially that one reader who requested this for her b-day from me. Sorry that it’s super late! I hope you still love the MaMizu (Mamoru/Mizuki) goodness from Puzzle Time! I am no good at writing cute relationship stuff XP I’ll keep working on it since you guys like that for some reason XD In other news… the results you guys have been waiting for…


I managed to gather quite a large pool of answers from so many of you guys and below are the results in pie chart form for you guys to see the sheer difference between the variety of answers when it comes to male characters versus female characters. It’s quite amusing so you guys gotta see it for yourself! The first chart is for male characters and second chart is for female characters. The results are from both males and females, asking them for both answers!

BedBoys BedGirlsSo does this mean I need to write a lemon fanfiction between Mandy Monroe and Kenichi Sakurada in the future to demonstrate that those two indeed have the sexiest bed scene from any of my works? Believe it or not, Mandy is not good in bed (Kenichi is though I would imagine). It’s been written in canon that Blaine and Jake, two of the men she slept with within the time frame of From Vain to Dandy, talk about how unmotivated she is when it comes to sex. She doesn’t seem to have any love for it. For all of you who are caught up with From Vain to Dandy, you guys probably have figured out why she isn’t with Blaine and Jake. The next chapter of From Vain to Dandy will be written very soon and it will talk about further about the development of Mandy Monroe as a character and why such a sexualized woman is not too fond of it. In any case, here is a picture of Kenichi Sakurada/Etchi as he is in From Vain to Dandy for getting the title of Being Best in Bed supposedly, haha~