To Minnie’s Readers,

Artist Usachii's Blaine and Mandy~

Artist Usachii’s Blaine and Mandy~

Yes, yes, I know. You’re probably thinking- where is my Spirits yo?? What about The Red Knot? I swear I am still working on those, but very slowly XD;; I am actually rewriting some parts of Spirits right now as part of my Novel Writing course this summer. For fun though, I manage to write a sequel to the popular first one-shot of The Skhuggies. I am not very original so I called this one-shot, The Skhuggies 2.0. Please read and let me know what you guys think as always! There’s a high chance I’ll write a third part to this cast because I feel like not everything has been resolved within this one-shot, but we’ll see. It depends on how much I can get done with all my traveling this summer. Thank you guys for all your support and definitely your patience!